Looted by a clan

Hello everyone, I’m new here.
I’ve just approched this game.
I was playing in a pve-conflict server 3053 as a lone player, when a clan (los mafiosos) invited me in to join them.
After accepted I’ve been expelled and they looted all my stuff in my property, denying me the access to all my buildings…
How can I report these azzh0l3s?
Thanks for support.

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Another thing you’ll want to do (whether you stay on that server, or go elsewhere), be certain to create a clan even if you are the only member. This will prevent other clans from being able to trick you into joining and then doing the same thing since you cannot be invited if you’re already in one.


Sorry about that no directions to this game. I have been their and had people clan with me and take everything they could run off with. Are you on ps4 or PC.

As has been indicated, there is nothing you can do. It’s a mechanic of the game and unscrupulous players will behave in this manner.

At this point, I would advise leaving the server and seeking a less loathsome community. It may take several attempts. Try to spot established clans with infrastructure geared for all player access. An elevator to the Sinkhole, open maprooms near Obelisks, stairs or elevators that allow access to difficult to reach places.

I abandoned a game on a public server for just this reason, gifted my base and supplies to a new player, and found a server where antisocial behavior is not the norm.

When you join a new server, make a request for basic supplies and L2/L3 crafting thralls. If you get a positive response, you have a clue as to the community. This is so common on the server on which I play that established clans are always gifting basic resources and teaming with players to complete dungeons and quests.

Good luck.


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