This needs IMMEDIATE attention! Clan problems

I just got invited into a clan, didn’t even see the invite and somehow accepted it, and now I’ve lost EVERYTHING. That is unacceptable!
It should be nowhere near that easy to join a clan!! I play solo and had no intention of joining anyone and now everything I had is gone!
If nothing else, we should have a setting that disallows clan invites!
People can invite you, you accidentally join and then they kick you and now own all of your stuff!
This NEEDS to be addressed!

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A similar thing happened to me too. I got invited into a clan. I accepted and then they started to loot my stuff. So I quickly left the clan and I lost everything. If you join a clan you should have the option to choose what you like to share with the clan members.

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In the new update, new members are given restrictions on what you can access until leadership promotes them. When you join a clan you give all your resources to the clan, buildings and all. If you want protection for fear of losing all your things then you must invite others to join you.

Trolls are trolls, they will find a way to ruing your play in the name of fun. All that stuff can be replaced or rebuilt, join another clan or stay solo but plot your revenge.

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The problem is, I didn’t accept anything. I was using the emote wheel and hit “x” (ps4) to play the emote just as he sent the invite, so it accepted it. That should not even be possible. There should be an “Are you sure?” or you should have to go into the clan menu to accept the invite or SOMETHING. I have a whole base and thralls, etc and I’m locked out because of ONE accidental button push?

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dude. your fault…

the message comes in the middle of the screen , you click yes to everytihng that pops?

easiest solution, create your own clan., a clan of you with yourself. a clan of 1.

you do that and you cant get invited …

Well, as I very clearly said, I hit X to perform an emote at that exact moment that it popped up. So, while it was a freak thing that, admittedly, probably won’t happen again, it was definitely not my fault.
As for the rest of your comment, thank you for that. I had actually wondered if that was a solution. I’ll probably do that.

so,… it was a really bad coincidence , one hand you doing an emote and second they sending you the clan invite,… honestly i am not even sure if i could reproduce it, sounds hard considering lag and two peoples timing…

… so is that coincidence funcom fault? i mean they have plenty of things we could blame funcom about.

but this . (truly sorry for disagreeing with you,) but that is not funcom fault…

Just note, as far as I’m aware, a solo player without a clan on an official server will not experience a purge. A clan is subject to purges even it is a one-person clan.

Nah, I’ve been purged real hard twice. Lol

I’ve been purged solo with no clan, online and offline

I wish they would allow control to transfer to the last clan member if the Leader does not return. leader of my clan is gone 5 weeks and if I was not maintaining the base it would be gone already

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