Play alone, or lose everything by joining a clan and still die outside pvp time

Any player who plays on the J x A Conflict 1977 server that is at level 60 without a clan will be stolen, as the server allows that if the player accepts to join a clan then the master can steal everything and expel you right away, if you do not leave the clan quickly due to lag or any other you lose EVERYTHING you have, that is, you acquire 1 year of resource can you lose EVERYTHING (even the pets, walls, just everything) just by accepting to join a clan? Does the person accept to join the Clan and the next day there is nothing else? and you can still die out of pvp hours using palisade, wood that you cut because you are locked in a house that is no longer yours? Wouldn’t it be correct for the person to have access only to what you built AFTER joining the clan? Do you build for a long time and lose everything in 1 minute on a server that is not even pvp? What is the logic of the game mode? This seems so cheating when locking the birth of a tiger / bear / etc, or locking the access to the savannah, or something … The most correct way to play would be not being able to lock the person with a palisade and the person cannot stealing whoever built it before it got to the clan, it became fashionable to do it on the server and the impression is that you either play alone or with a personal friend, there is no way to have a clan in the game with “strangers”, complete anti-game. Play alone, or get stolen by joining a clan.

my sincere opinion

i’m sorry dude you didn’t know the games mechanics and you trusted someone that was out to scam you, you will just have to try again. part of the fun of the game is to make new friends and to group up.

most randos I have clanned with it has been a gradtual process, you build up trust, trade is a good way to do this, then they might ask you to store some goods, or need some help with the purge.

soon enough you will realize by mutually helping each other you would be better off together, also do voice coms before you do any merger, its always better when you talk to people to get a read on them.

First up, welcome to conan :slight_smile:

My advice would stay solo and maybe start up a nomadic trade style play.

This method is best for sussing out players who are more genuine, I find talking to players over discord can be a hit or miss method but it helps to more easily identify trolls etc.

The number one player you need to focus on being the clan leader. if the clan leader is cool then for the most part it should be fine, no real way to know for sure unless you spend a good amount of time getting to know them.

If you decide to stay solo then build small, explore the map and try to keep
a plan B handy.

Trusting anyone in a game like conan exiles can be difficult, the best you can do is prepare for such scenarios.

Hope this helped in some way.

If you want to play solo, you can create your own one-person clan. This prevents malicious people from spamming you with invites to their clan in the hopes that you’ll accidentally click Yes.

In the longer run, I recommend getting to know the people you play with on the Internet becore committing to anything. In the words of G’Kar (in Babylon 5): “No-one here is exactly as he appears.”

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