Solo against strong clan on pve-c

I am a solo player on pve-c and do not want to be part of a clan. I would say my experience level is inbetween intermediate to advanced. I am level 60.

A member of a strong clan accused me of attacking a clan mate, which I never, and now the whole clan is always trying to kill me. They all level 60 and have best armour and weapons.

I have had up to 5 players along with a thrall each trying to kill me at every turn. Do I have any hope fighting back or do I have to keep escaping?

Any solo veterans managed to fight against such clans on pve-c? Any good tactics or stories?

In 2019 I would’ve said yes you can.

Now I suggest going 50 Grit and/or horse and get the hell out. PvE-C means they only got like 6 hours to kill you.

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PVP isn’t always just trying to survive or fight your way through things. Have you tried compromise?

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Out of curiosity - what is the compromise with a group expressly trying to kill you for a perceived slight? (Sure, if they’re willing to talk, maybe something could be worked out…)


I play solo pvp not pve-c but might be able to give a couple of ideas. Straight up though I’d say don’t expect to win against more than one player at a time, especially if they have thralls. I count it as a victory to escape with my life if it’s not one on one (and even if it is, as I will most likely be poorly equipped - see below).

With that said, my advice would be don’t fight unless you choose the fight. If you’re ambushed, run. I find high Grit and Agility useful, like @AxeIsAnnoying said. At least 20.

High survival and vitality too - survival because if it’s higher than about 25, bleed and poison wear off in a second or two. Combine this with lots of hit points and decent Agility and you’ll be hard to pin down and kill. I know that doesn’t leave much for other things but you’re being hunted so you’ll have to lower your other stats for a while.

Wear cheap armour and use cheap weapons so they get nothing decent when they kill you. Use poison, poison arrows and bleed weapons (cheap ones) to annoy them.

Try to stick to an area of the map for a bit and learn it - really learn it. People in big clans often (though not always) like to ride and map room all over the place, so often don’t have deep knowledge of the map. I find I can more often than not lose anyone (although yesterday I was lanced from behind and one-shotted before I knew they were there. It happens).

Oh, and make an Orb of Nergal and dramatically change what you look like for a while. If you don’t let anyone get close enough to see your tag it’ll be a while before they know it’s you.

Do all that and more than likely they’ll get bored because finding and killing you will be a chore with no reward. Unless the server is very low pop and they have nothing else to do, in that case maybe try compromise like @Taemien said.

Hope some of that helps. The best thing about this game imo is that if you put your mind to it you’ll come up with strategies of your own that work for you that can be combined with what others say. Good luck Exile!


Yup just play during non pvp, best advice is to transfer to another server.


Just go to them naked and let them kill you once or twice to get it out of their system. It’s a game.


Thank you all for your suggestions, some useful posts. The benefit to this type of pressure and persecution is learning quickly.

As for the last suggestion about being naked, they killed me a few times naked, maybe penis envy as I selected the biggest penis size :smiley:


One last piece of advice, never drop a base. Loot all u want but don`t drop the base. Your name never shows up when you loot and destroy placables but does when you destroy bases.

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Although it may seem counter-intuitive , this is clever advice from JJ actually.

Let them kill you a couple of times, make it seem like they caught you, that way you can probably control how and when it happens, and eventually they will probably get bored.

A lot of people love the hunt, once they’ve caught their prey , the thrill of it goes and they move onto the next target.

They feel satisfied because they think they’ve got you, and you have limited the damage they could potentially do.

Give them what they want, they most likely won’t expect it.

That is , of course, if your pride allows it. :upside_down_face:

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Haha my pride could take it but they have killed me multiple times both naked and equipped and show no sign of getting bored :+1:

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Yeah this sounds like they are bored anyways and are looking for entertainment. I bet they were PvPers that got their butts handed to them and now they are in PVE-C since you don’t loose your stuff then.

you could just play outside of conflict time. JJ is right that eventually they will get bored. Wait them out because I bet they are within 30 days of leaving the server to go back to PvP battleworld.


Hrm, I guess it’s still a laugh for them, so best not fuel the fire.
While I still think it’ll get old for them eventually, probably your best bet is to just steer clear of them for a while. What I mean by that is PVE-C servers have a combat window (most on official are 18:00 to 23:00 hrs) try to stay out of it as best you can when you know they are around.

Otherwise, you’ll just have to be smarter and remain vigilant whenever they are about, and try to remain under the radar. For example, If they know where your base is, maybe it’s time you moved somewhere more… remote or hidden. Keep your old base active (as a decoy) and set-up somewhere else. Could maybe change it on a regular basis? (so keep the structure easy to build and simple)

If you are using map-rooms, never jump immediately to the obelisk where your base is first, I tend to jump to where I know there is a secondary map-room or even a third, and try to mix my way home up a bit, rather than always taking the same route.

I gotta say, against a five man clan you do have your work cut out for you, so play to your strengths, and try to keep your footprint small.

Problem is on PVE-C or PVE, its tough because you can’t really take the fight to them. If this was PvP you could at least attack their base and get some payback, otherwise you’re left with ambushing one of theirs when they’re on their own.

I have to say its pretty poor IMO for a five man clan to be ganging up on one guy, (regardless of the reason – it sounds like they’ve killed him a fair few times already)


Like others already said, this is good advice. You don’t really have to do it naked, either. Sometimes it’s better to run around with stuff that you don’t value a lot, e.g. legendaries you get from skeleton chests that you normally don’t use at all. That way, they feel like they took something from you, but they don’t know it’s throwaway stuff for you.

Whatever you do, the way you react to being killed is the most important. If you make them feel like you’re having fun despite being killed, they might either give up or make the fatal mistake of breaking the server rules (e.g. by walling your base in).

Personally, the reason why I play PVE-C is because of the adrenaline of combat, despite being absolutely terrible at it. So most of the time, I end up either dead or running away, but even dying is fun. Sometimes the attacker(s) will leave all of my stuff, sometimes they’ll take some valuables, sometimes they’ll take everything and I have to reequip from scratch. But I’m aware that might happen and it’s all “fair game”, so that’s the way I treat it and the way react to it.

Of course, this is not an always easy attitude to maintain, especially when you’re being actively harassed by someone. A determined griefer can always find new ways to bother you, until they succeed at getting under your skin. But hey, I hope it helps a little.


I imagine PVE-C is very different than my PVP experience, but my first thought when dealing with an aggressive outnumbering group is trap bases. I’d imagine they are even more effective in PVE-C where they can’t blow their way out or help a trapped clan member. It may not be as satisfying as 1v5ing them, but forcing them to starve or bracelet and give you their gear will remind them even a god king can bleed.


I like that idea, especially for PvE-C.

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I have already tried to trap one or two in my corridors, or their thralls. I have made some modifications too with spikes etc too I hope to trap them in.

I am sure if this was pvp my whole base and surrounded buildings would have been blown out of existence by them. But at least I could have hit back on pvp with bombs. I like having nice bases and builds though that is why I am on pve-c. I enjoy the random emcounters and fights with other players but stand no chance with this whole clan, they always move around in groups so I cannot have 1-on-1

Don’t listen to these folks saying let them kill you. I’m a solo pvp player with no base. I run an encumbrance build and hardly ever engage in personL combat. What I do is place what I need to make bombs, pick it back up and hide it in a chest in a place only you know. Be a thorn in their side with nothing to lose. If they leave their base blast a hole in it and take what you can. They might kill you once in a while but the damage you can inflict can be tremendous. And the good thing is you have nothing to raid. They will hate you which to is a win. Just become a massive PITA filled to the brim with explosives


LOL, prolly the funniest comment I’ve read so far in these forums… :laughing:

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Yeah but in pve-c
…buildings aren’t damaged so the guerilla tactics you suggests don’t do anything. He can’t be a thorn in their side without confrontation or building traps/decoys.

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