Looking for players to help 2506 pve-c

Help still figuring out the game could use some clan members


Try a little pve before you jump on pve-c . Unfortunately in this game the weapons do the difference and the thralls , not the skills . You cannot go against a full epic and legendary equipped opponent unless you’re a veteran , so start with pve . Plus I would suggest you exile lands not Siptah . On exile lands you have more efficient ways to achieve knowledge and map rooms to fast travel . Wak 4863 , Kiah on fire , Firespark , etc… are YouTubers that have all the area covered with very useful videos and hints that will grand you great knowledge before you understand it . I can understand the reasons someone plays pve-c , still to be killed and loose you farming is not so cool , especially when everything is so difficult for you right now .

Don’t forget , this game provides battle standards and you can have safe PvP even in pve servers .


I agree :+1:with @stelagel if you are new Exiles land and pve you will be better prepared for pve-c or pvp later. You can die plenty enough from NPC,S and animals with out the help from other players. Be careful who you clan with they will own all your items when you join.


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