Needed official xbox ,pve and pve-c players

Looking for players to join established clan on official PVE server 2585 or PVE-C server 2506

U.s server?

I may be interested. Can you pm me more info on what to expect? (is the clan very active, or laid back, etc.)

I have two clans on different US XBOX servers 2506 which is PVE-C and 2585 which is PVE. I am the only active clan member on each server as the others that we in my clan have drifted to other games. I currently have a purge about 1 time per week and i aim to keep that level of purge activity. I use only Mitra and Derketo as gods in the clan. All workstations are staffed with T4 crafters the bases are Black Ice with T4 fighters and archers as guards. I am looking for new clan members that like the purge if possible I would like the purge to be twice weekly. I f interested my gamer tag is KazorVey message me on Xbox