Xbox One: Looking for a clan to join on pve/c or pve

I’m looking for a clan to join on either PVE/C or PVE. I just want some company while I’m grinding on supplies and going about my days…
Xbox gamer tag is EndlessSolitude with two “ii”…

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Not sure if you also do PC games but we have a growing community on Dathomir…both PVE and PVP servers available

No. I don’t have the capability to. Sadly…

No worries, thought I would offer.

I appreciate that!

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Server 2506 PVE/C Xbox our clan is Hyborean Raiders we have 3 very active, (5-6 days a week) 1 player that is (3 - 4 days a week) and 1 player that only plays sunday. you are welcome to join us. must have voice ability though. KazorVey is my gamer tag, if you are still looking message me.

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