Any1 starting a PVE-C clan for Siptah launch?

Experienced player on since first days of early access. pvp and pve-c seasoned
not lookin for weird RP or sweaty tryhards with mandatory disc, just chill mature adults, chat when u feel like it & lookin to group up to dominate the landscape and everyone on it.

We have a server right now and that is a PVEC weekdays and PVP RAID weekend it’s called the age of supreme deities the server has been active for over 760 days AND we will be getting a new map

Now, now my friend…try so hard to be positive…just this once? I know we always expect the worse and it happens, but we need to have some hope…a little bit…tiny bit…iddy biddy bit?:yum:

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Lol i know :grin::crossed_fingers:

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Nice! hugs

Yeah fubar im gonna have like 3 clans going on siptah but first i must ask you some questions are you the fubar from 2733 are you a team player how long have you played the game what is your skill level?

Lol yeah I’m gonna be nice to funcom today but maybe not tomorrow lol

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hah yeah i am on 2733. not sure if that makes it a good thing or a bad thing :wink:
played the game since early access first days when we couldnt even log on continuously for more than a couple of hours w/out a DC (oh wait that coulda been last week also…)
skills, idk…i build, i craft like a madman, i farm pve, i kill ppl as needed… i like walks on the beach, DDH IPAs, whisky, dogs…anything else u wanna know?

@Suthainn hello again! hope is the death of reason, i try never to partake lol

Lol yeah it’s cool i know some people on the server that you killed when they was off line they was mad because they had stuff on them :rofl: i told them to stop loging out with stuff on them but anyways I been playing on 33 for almost 3 years now are clan is the horde can’t miss us where everywhere I’ll talk to the guys see what they think about pulling you in on the new map.

lmfao i can only think of one scenario that fact pattern arose. that one weak fool that whined b/c he died offline? thats ■■■■■■ funny. i was poison bombing some ■■■■■■■ who tried to gank me while farming, and he was trying to hide around their base and escape. i dont tend to explain myself to whiners and he tried to compare me to that Zeus stalker douchebag (hence the clan name i have had for a while now) on our server that harassed the ■■■■ out of new players. we finally managed to get rid of that clown :slight_smile:

anyways w/e i dont sweat ppl that just cry for no reason. but yeah, i know you guys and ur builds on the map. good stuff & never had a problem w/ y’all. i talk to Tha Mobb & the Locos dudes here and there. we help out new players w/ gear and mats when possible. i am not much of a “joiner” per se, but the more the merrier i would say when starting fresh to dominate on a new server, but lmk if ur LFM.