Need more American pve-c servers

So i have 10 people in my clan the new map is here and guess what only 2 American pve-c servers and there’s like 6 EU servers funcom what is this seriously most of the time I’m lucky if one of my clan members get in what did you think that no Americans gonna buy ios seriously not cool the server i play on people already fighting over land PLEASE GET MORE AMERICAN PVE-C SERVERS

Agreed. I wrote them on like day 2 about Pve-C needing more American servers. Its every night members of mine cant get in. And purge meter is over full…cant get in for a purge would seem typical but holding out hope they can remedy this.

Game froze now I can’t get back in and y because it’s full did they really think that no one was gonna play :man_shrugging:

pretty sure they figured it would be a ghost town b/c of all the historic issues the game has had plus you need to buy the DLC. with Exiled land being free on game pass, they were thinking the traffic would be on the old map
most times when i try to join it shows 40/40 on the Siptah Americas server i am on (7053) and even when the server list shows capacity, i am getting a “server full” error message and the ping has been bad.

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