Very full servers

hello…every well i would like to know if there is a server but here in Brazil the room is always full and my base fell because of not being able to enter i would like you to place yourself but servers pve for us so no one will be waiting to play another game and take care of your base. thanks

something is going on. all pve-c America servers are full.
i have been playing this game since the first early access - never have i seen a full server let alone several of them, even at peak times on weekends or holidays.

perhaps adding to GamePass will get a bunch of noobs giving it a try… but still hard to account for the server screen i am looking at with 12+ full servers. i do see a bunch of new “0-1” age servers… meaning they just created some in anticipation of some extra flow. maybe it is gameass noobs after all (open hunting season peepz!!!) lol

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