XBOX1 Official PVP American servers any new ones going up?

Dont think any new ones were added yet. 18 is just not enough. Easily another 10 could be used and even that might be cutting it close. Please fix this. Dont want to have to go 2 days without being able to play a game u bought…


Still no word???

Please let me know if there has been any updates on this. 2 days straight i couldn’t play on an official American server…

Once again xbox gets ignored and everyone else gets new servers??? Why is xbox being ignored in all this. Can i please get a reply @AndyB

I am only adding this post to see if they actually plan on adding any. I see that south America is. Which i get because they have like 2. Hoping America can get more as well. 18 pvp servers and they are all full. Hoping Jen or Andy can answer this. Are we getting more official pvp servers for america? If so, how many and when?

You guys just going to ignore the fact that Xbox official servers are full 24-7 why have you not added anymore servers and can’t even play the game this is stupid I’ve looked at your twitter and our guys are adding servers to PS4 and pc like it’s nothing so there should be no problem with you guys adding more servers to Xbox U.S

So agree it’s nuts the servers constantly kick people and when we are kicked we can’t get back on due to server being full. Ridiculous bought a game a year ago that I can’t play now that it’s live and fun

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I have made comments on this since launch. They turned 4 conflict servers to pvp servers. Ps4 and pc have gotten new servers but unfortunately i have been ignored. Even tried to message my question. No love for xbox.

Please don’t keep making new threads or spam devs if you don’t get an immediate response. I’ve merged the threads.

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Today ps4 and pc received 20+ servers each. Xbox received 4 and all Australia…

Hi! Yes, we’ll have more Xbox PvP America servers up in the near future. I haven’t been given an ETA yet but I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Just please let them know we will need a decent amount. They fill fast. Gportal has been horrid with rental servers so i dont want to take that route. Any information your able to supply for us xbox players will be much appreciated.

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