Xb1 launch with only 14 PvP u.s. servers


Uhhhhh low expectations? Lol. Got into one , played about an hour. Keep dashboarding and now can’t get back in. Server full… So sad…


My brain is fried here. I’m a new player, just been messing around on and off over the last month and to be honest I didn’t realise the official launch was today. All good, after a 44G patch followed by another 9G surprise patch I thought I was good to go, but I can’t find my server. I’m so confused. Is it gone? Is it bugged because of launch? Is it no longer in operation now it’s gone from preview to official release? Can I get back to my old server or do I need to start from scratch? :confused:


18 total if could the fast paced ones. They actually expected only 720 americans to play


the other 4 are pve conflict that show under pvp filter. either way, an absurdly low number…


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