A Launch with only 72 official servers?

Game mode: Online 2501
Problem: Crash/ Dashboarding on Xbox one
Region: USA
So I saw the thread for crashes going on with the xbox one and one x. Now I get launches are crazy and things happen, full servers, kinks, bugs, etc. However to launch this game with only 72 official servers was just silly in my opinion. Especially considering they are 40 man capped ones at that.

Your predecessor ( ARK) launched with at least 100 I do believe when it finally full released. This should have been the minimum in my opinion for launch. I get you did not anticipate this much hype non the less thou you did see they sales of pre-orders as well as those of us who have it from original early preview.

Those numbers should have given a better judge in what would have been actually needed at launch. I feel like that information was not taken in to account when releasing this game. No way possible, as the server numbers (official) do not speak to the fact that you , as a company, actually looked at that data and said we need x amount from day one.

As far as the crashing and dash boarding go. I never did it pre launch and am a bit confused as to how I am experiencing it now post patch/ launch. I will chalk it up to just release day jitters thou as from the sheer amount of post on the forums and in game reporting of it, surely a patch will be underway soon.

I just hope for the sake of the game and it’s community you will take to this issue and resolve it in a timely manner. The clock is already ticking, and the longer people are unable to play, the less interest they will have to do so when they can.

Thank you.