Unable to locate official servers (XBOX)

Need Help. While many people have been indicating that all official servers are full I have been unable to even locate more than one official server at a time full or otherwise both on PvP or PvE. Ill get an entire list of private servers and 1 official. I’ve checked that I have a open NAT so I assume my network settings are not the cause. If I was seeing all the full official servers others are reporting I would not be so concerned. I am in CDT in the U.S. The one official server I find is never a America/U.S. server. It also takes about 3 mins for even the first server of any kind to start populating when searching for a server. Any suggestions anyone??

Also, I have ensured that “show full servers” are toggled on. I have also tried sorting by official but I am usually not finding enough servers to require sorting. (Average 18 servers all but 1 are private servers)

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