Unable to locate official servers

Unable to locate official servers on Xbox. I usually see 20 or so private servers and l’m lucky to see 1 official server. Why are others seeing all the full Xbox servers and I am essentially not seeing any. I’m on Xbox in CDT in the U.S. All servers private or otherwise are typically above 1000ms ping. Even the private American servers. Takes approx 3 mins of searching before the first server is found. I have ensured that I have an OPEN NAT and that all Xbox ports are open. I have double checked that the “Show full servers” is toggled. Given this info am I missing something? Is there anyone else experiencing this? Would appreciate anyone who could tell me what I am missing or that I am not crazy. Thanks

Hi there,

Can you please email in at https://www.funcom.com/help with a screenshot of your server browser window? We will be able to assist you a but further there and see what could be preventing you from seeing all full servers.

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