Looking to start as a solo player. Advice needed

Hey guys,
I’ve been messing around with this game occasionally and now with the game’s release I’m tempted to play on an official server instead of SP as it does get quite lonely.
How well do solo players do in this game? I used to play Ark and while I did enjoy my time in that game solo play there was a torture. Even if we ignore how time consuming certain game mechanics of that game are, joining a “mega tribe owned” server is impossible as all spawn points are blocked off and guarded. The few servers that weren’t policed by players were grief fests with people coming in with gear from other servers, destroying everything they can for the hell of it and logging off.

Is this game similar? I do enjoy PVP but I’m definitely not interested no lifing all day to defend from griefers. Does a solo players have a chance at enjoying themselves on a PVP server? The PVE-C and regular PVE servers also seem fun but what worries me is how the game handles people trying to wall you off with indestructible buildings and overbuilding in general. Is there still enough to do in the game as we’re skipping a major aspect of the game that is PVP?

If I do play I intend to do so casually. I play video games daily. Anywhere from 30 min to all day. Meaning some days I might no life the game a bit, then I might not log for 2 days as I’m busy with RL stuff.

That all depends on what server you join. PVP servers can be brutal so I would join a server that has an ACTIVE admin always available to help you. PVE are less brutal but you might get lonely on those also. Read the server descriptions thoroughly, they usual state what the setup is on that server. I was on a couple of servers before launch and found them okay and mostly fun. However I have a real life and can only be on a server some weekday nights but can be on a server all day on a weekend. When you are offline, if the server is busy things could be vastly different if you are gone for a week or more.

A solo player can do great in a PVE server. there is so much room on the map you don’t have to worry about trolls. Also the abandonment system will remove buildings that aren’t used for a time. You can have a rewarding time in PVE and maybe PVE-C as a solo player the only downside is you will have difficulty defeating some larger monsters solo but it can be done.

think towers, with thrall archers on them, to help you take down boss mobs :wink:

Some good replies guys, thanks a lot!
From what I gather most of you are suggesting that I should go for a player owned server instead of official which brings me to one more question.
I’ve noticed a LOT of players and streamers choosing player owned instead of offficial servers to play conan. Why’s that? In Ark it’s usually like 80% of players on official and the rest on dedicated servers.

the reason is Simple: it is very hard to login on official server… no afk kick, no queue, low cap.

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just read your post, im on at least 15 hours a day everyday, I have to stay indoors medicial reasons, i have a 12 man server PvE im admin on the server im not cheating im starting from level 1, i dont use mods, at the moment im constructing a massive villiage with working thralls, which will be later in the game, im making foundations at the moment, you can join me if you wish of do what you want on my server, its paid for 3 months and if it gets busy i will add more slots, if interested im on teamspeak you can contact me here if you wish
Or look for the in game name on PvE it’s called build a village

Hi, I’m glad you’re ready for more! Most of my 2,000 pre-launch hours were spent Solo on Official PVP servers. If you want to know what to expect, and hear a little seasoned insight, my relatively-new Guide #2 covers a bunch of it in about 3 minutes. (Bonus 0:30 content is important bulletin about missing corpses… :sleepy:)

Hope to see you out there!

then again, I’ve found PVE and PVE-C servers (private) so far to be great for ganging up with some people and going off adventuring, not lonely at all if you bother communicating with people.

I’m a solo player in most every game but this game I think I’s stuck at level 30 unless I team up with someone, even if there was not the PvP issue. I’m at stage V of my journey and three of the items I don’t see how I can get anytime soon unless I team up.

  • Craft a flawless item
  • get a boss head
  • destroy the abyssal revenant

I tried to solo two different monster bosses so far and just curb stomped so I don’t see myself getting that without help

Journey stage VI seems doable but then VII has a few again that I’ll get stuck on

  • Destroy a Dragon
  • Recruit a named thrall
    Then Stage VII
  • Defeat Kisnscourge
    Stage IX
    -Defeat the Barrow King
  • Defeat Hrugnir

@krbhi I just hit 40 Solo. T3s are tough, get a Carpenter 2 from the Nords at Asagarth. She can make a flawless hunting bow. On the way to N.A. there are two Boss Elks to the south and the west. I find these easiest to kill solo. Alternatively there’s a Rocknose Boss east of King’s Niche, and he’s a blast. As for the Remnant and other World Bosses, that’s up to you.

Recruit a good fighter or two and keep them around. Put an up-dummied truncheon on them, and let them go to work making more recruits. Then when T4 shows up you’ll have the manpower to enslave him/her.

crafting a flawless item only requires having a thrall carpenter or blacksmith that is at least level two, as for the boss head i recommend the king shaleback (there is one on the main river right before the lookout point camp) which is by far the easiest boss monster to kill (i used an iron pike). the abyssal revenant can be killed solo but you’ll need steal weapons a bunch of healing potions and no lag. Hope that helps Krbhi

The flawless/exceptional item, you can get one when you have a lvl 3 thrall armorer or blacksmith.
You get get a boss head from shaleback king, which is quite soloable, it is by the noob river.
For the Abyssal, I was not able to solo on official server, 2 successive hits from acid spray and a swing, kills me, even when I’m sprinting, but I know depending on gear its soloable, as I can on single player.
For the named thrall, i think the easiest if the name captain on black hand rock ship, that is, once you sent a thrall camp nearby to start putting them on wheel of pain.
The barrow king is soloable if you use polearm. You can stand stand behind the stone block and thrust the polearm upwards toward him and still hit (exploitish, kind like shooting arrows from higher ground)

Danisimo -
I find that the official servers attract the worst players and groups and no real server admins to kick them. But if someone is paying close to $100 a month to create a fun environment for his friends and some tool comes along and starts walling off key spots you can guarantee he’ll take action. So essentially the non-official servers just seem a bit more “civilized” overall. You can still have brutal PvP but usually people who are just trying to ruin the game are gotten rid of.

Thanks to everyone for the advice on getting past level 30. I’m just now realizing how important thralls are and how they are such a major part of the game.

If you want to play solo you have to put a couple things in mind:

  • 1: You’ll get raided eventually.
  • 2: You’ll get killed eventually.
  • 3: You may suffer from ash-hole griefers.
  • 4: You can actually meet some nice people in game and you’ll start to play with them.

To avoid the first two things I’ll give you some hints.

  • 1: Build hidden, small, away from noticeable landmarks while still being close to core resources like Stone, Wood, Iron and Coal, and windows are a big nono.

You don’t want to be noticed by other players, and if you are, you don’t want to look like you’re worth raiding, have feel things in your possession, you should farm exactly what you need, it’s not smart to put extra resources stored away when playing solo. Players won’t come and destroy everything you won, they just want profit and leave, unless the guy is an colossal dick or you made something to piss them off.

  • 2: In a fight or flight situation, you need to act like you can kill a hole clan by yourself, never ask for mercy or try to negotiate with attackers, otherwise you’ll just show you’re vulnerable, BUT you should always put yourself in a position that you can always flight with minimal consequences to yourself.

About griefers there’s no much to do instead of printing it and posting on the forums, you can also say in the global chat that someone is a griefer and everyone may unite to hunt that guy out of the server.

What gear and level where you for this and how long did it roughly take?

I’m about lvl 34 with conans sword and hyena armour and tried to take on a giant spider boss near the pirate ship which didn’t go down well at all. Spider hit so hard.

Also remember for solo pvp to lock all your chests when you log out which I kept forgetting.

I would also recommend building a secret room in your base and hiding your character and best items in there. I have had 3 bases raided so far and twice the person never found my character or hidden stash of goods behind a fake wall. Just leave at least one box out unlocked with random crap in it so they think that’s all that’s there and they will leave.

Make sure your base is small and hidden as much as possible which includes be wary of fitting the inside of your base out with torches because as soon as nightfall hits your base will light up like a firework on New Year’s Eve for raiders.

Building a base next to resources is a bonus but could also be a downfall as it means there will be a lot more traffic passing through there and a bigger chance of you being spotted. Find the resources you need then build close to it but not right next to them.

it obviously depends on what you want to do and then choose a server that fits your playstyle.
if you play according to your habbits you should be fine with every server setting.
going on a pvp server limits you to only build a very smal base in a hidden location, wich is extremely hard without singleplayer scouting the map in godmode beforehand and spoiling everything to you.
pve servers allow you to build “nice” things in the open, but if you are ready for raiding you won’t be able to…
pvp is a matter of its own, currently it seems that unless you get jumped and killed in 2-3 hits you should be able to decide if you want to run away or fight. running drains less stamina then running+standing still to do a attack that will most likely miss.
if yo uare alone and not on much, you will not be able to hold a big castle, but a small hut in the mountains with the base necessitys will work out.
you should be able to do all journeysteps solo, but some will require knowledge of the game and exploiting some game mechanics (eg. elk king or kappa king are easier to kill for heads and big game can be cheesed with arrows or spears and a elevated position)
solo play takes obviously longer, but you will be able to summon gods and crush the bases of clans who piss you off if you have enough dedication.
note that armor or gear in general is far less important then skill in this game, a good naked guy with a spear can kill a Silent Legion player. but beeing outnumbered in a fight is most of al ltimes deadly.

in general i find this game much easier and beginner friendly then ark sicne you can just run from every fight and if you are badass go kill high lvl NPC’s for higher tier weapons/tools to get ahead of your levelcurve.

Thank you for all the info guys. I’ve decided to play on a PVE-C server

Got my boss head today, thanks for the tip!