Griefing in PvE?

So, its not a secret that griefing is a thing in PvE official servers. Of course private servers are a standard recommended if you wish to avoid such things but there are people who just don’t mind playing OS and prefer to go for a safe PvE as they may not enjoy PvP or just aren’t ready to face another player. Alas, PvE doesn’t always mean safe.

I think that when a person chooses to play PvE, he selects the game mode to join a player friendly environment; where you can join into groups to overcome game’s challenges. You don’t expect to find yourself building a wall to keep away other players. You want to progress and explore the game’s world.
And when you choose PvP, you - know - that at any time, any wall of your home can be destroyed and anyone can kill you and take your stuff. That you expect, because you went for game mode that is altogether hostile.

That’s just what I’m thinking this morning.


Luckily PvE will be close to ungriefable once they fix pve thralls as they will be.

You can climb, so no wall or blockade can totally block you off, theres a no build area next to thrall camps, so nobody can build there to despawn them, and soon, nobody will be able to kill your tamed thralls.

You can get some stuff stolen if left on the open but thats it

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On PvP Servers you can attack anyone at anytime, but not your buildings. Structure damage is only allowed during Prime Time. (5pm – 11pm local server time).

Tier 3 Fences on your Wall will damage Climbers and they will fall off.


Yep, I know it so much I didnt even mention it so I wouldnt contribute to get it be even more popular xD.

Tbh Ive had many neighbours do this, and despite being a pain in the ■■■, you can still climb the mountain next to that blockade, or take a detour.

Of course there can be places where a smart blockade, combined with surroundings and spikes will be hard to bypass, I dont deny it.

But its a much better situation than ANY other survival pve game, where you cant climb.

If you have an idea on how can devs fix that scenario feel free to suggest em, I’ve myself “fought” for unkillable thralls in pve and it seems they are fixing it thanks to my insistence as well as some other’s.

But pointing the obvious without suggesting a fix, just puts the focus on the few if not the only way for griefers to have fun.

ie: just complain about it on steam forums so it gets ultra popular and well known for anybody wanting to grief some xD

Why I play on unofficial servers ^

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I think calling it PvE is the wrong name. It’s really just PvP Extra Light.

Yeah, the new special type will be called “PvE Conflict”. PvP kills are enabled during peak hours, but building damage is always disabled.

Sounds like it’s a gametype meant to raise up some rabble, with players able to kill each other while out harvesting, defending against the Purge, etc. Essentially adds the tension of PvP without allowing players’ bases to be raided.

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I was thinking maybe an ability to lock crafting stations might help out to suppress griefing. It does put a strain on PvP though.
Unable to access stations unless you are in the same clan.

However all of it is difficult to implement into the game modes because the only difference between PvP and PvE is the check box in the server settings.

Well, let me add to this: back in November or so, not even normal chests were lockable. I am sure about this, because way back then, there were glitches that allowed people to loot inside of your base, and the only fix was building 4 blocks high, so they couldnt access em (think it was the login glitch).

So the ability to close certain things exists. I think it would be a very welcome change, now they confirmed thralls on PvE will be unkillable, to completely make a close to griefless player vs environment mode.

I can live with it as its now, because well, I played hundreds olf hours were not even chests would be locked xD but it would be great if they fix it

Where did they confirm thralls on PvE will be unkillable? How would this work on the conflict servers during PvP time?

So you’re telling me a 10 man clan running around the map and spamming fence foundations all around so no-one can build on the server isn’t griefing?

Because that’s what we gonna see on pve and pve conflict, just like during early access.

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The sad truth yes

keyword is “close to” ungriefable. If I had time to waste I would list all the ways you can get griefed in every other survival that cant happen in Conan Exiles.

I could also talk about the decay system, which I witnessed myself in action, where as I was running close to abandoned bases and crafting stations they would despawn and totally disappear, or the many abandoned fortresses I demolished with a single click, or the purge system that will periodically wipe unprotected structures, decayed or not.

Ive also read months ago fixes towards foundation spam, as well as against structures despawning thralls.

I dont know if it is completely addressed or there are workarounds to those fixes, but Ive played 300h on official pve, 100 or so with the latest patches, and didnt suffer any foundation spam.

If you think it is still possible, man up, make an elaborated post about it, with screenshots , both in steam and here, reach devs on twitter ao they notice, AS I DID requesting unkillable thralls in pve, and maybe you get something.

Do some research xD its here in the forums, in the updated faq, in their latest blog post…

problem isnt in spamming foundations or anything like that. problem is that people think its okay to do such things and/or think its funny.

no hotfix can help that though.

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Oh yeah, I am saying that despite some kind of griefing it may still be possible on PvE servers, most of kinds, ways or methods of griefing are now impossible due to the many measures / patches Funcom implemented, like the no build area on thrall camps, no despawn of resources even if building close, non killable thralls on pve (just added thanks to players demands) and some more.

So if there are still methods of being griefed or trolled, report them the best you can, and they will probably fix em, as they exactly did with the unkillable thralls.

Many servers & eventually you will come across servers with players u like.

talking about foundation spamming. so im on ps4 right now n the whole coast is covered in pillars. thats just 3 people trashing the whole noob area

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