Player interaction & clans

For about 7 or 8 months now ive played on official Pve on a seemingly very quiet server. Since the game is a multilayer sandbox hosting players with different play styles (myself a role player) ive been building up a role play village & hoped to find other players to play with. Not really knowing much about conan exhiles clan function i had recently helped out a small 3 person clan new to the server & exiled lands & was asked if i wanted to join their clan which i accepted because i wanted to experience playing with other players. Unfortunately i did not know that there aren’t any settings for clan member access restriction to specific benches or storage or that if you wanted to leave a clan that anything you’ve built or crafted is lost. Since you can really only trust other players that are already friends when starting or joining a clan in conan & that in alot of cases the only way to play the game as a multilayer game is to play with random players… surely it makes sense to have a system where a building/bench or item built by a players remains that players who can set use permissions within a clan especially if one member who has built up their own base & followers then joins another clan… A system like Atlas which has clan (company) alliances which allows for interaction with seperate ownership still allows for someone who’s spent months building up a base to keep ownership of that asset.