Someone stole my base

So I’m in offical server #3567 pvp - g Revision (#133028/21107) and just a minute ago somebody asked if I’d join their clan so I did, and I was near my base when that happened and this player stole my whole base! I don’t know how he did but I am really pissed off right now. Is there anything I can do???

The minute you join a Clan, everything you owned will belong to the Clan from that moment on.


And there is nothing you can do to reverse it. If you’re still in the clan, you can try to pick up the items / crafting thralls that have the most value to you and put them in your inventory (then leave that clan), but the buildings themselves are clan property and you cannot get them back. Since it’s PvP your former guards will remain with the clan, and attack you on sight should you leave the clan.

Yes, it does suck, and sorry for your loss. It seems to be an increasing problem these days, people “fishing” with clan invites. Creating a clan for yourself will protect you from it, but obviously that’s too late now.


Did they kick you from the clan? If so, nothing can be done. All you can do is try to fight them since it is a pvp server. Some people are dishonest and you joined them voluntarily.

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There are always risks when playing with strangers. Always think carefully before saying “yes” to any offer. That free beer may include a Mickey Finn.

And whenever there are people playing the same game online, there will be people who try to scam others. Only play with people you know, or get to know the people you play with before committing yourself to any alliances.

The good thing about being on a PVP server is that even though you may never get your stuff back, you can at least use explosives and make sure the other guy won’t get to enjoy the fruits of his scam for long. Plan it well, and he’s inside the base when you blow it up.


If only a collapsing roof would crush my enemies, eh?

Then I could get right onto the “driving them before me” part.


And then ask them to give the mic to their girlfriend so you could hear her lamentations?


Wives, girlfriends, sisters - I’m not too fussy, any lamentation of da women will do for my purposes.


Sounds like you need one of thoose ‘Bonkable Thralls’ I heard about on another thread!

Can’t argue with that. I feel so stupid :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:


Get revenge!

At the moment I’m building another base close to my original and I’m building up to destroy everything he stole from me


Lol and to hear the Lamentations of their sisters hahaha

Even if your a solo player make a clan for yourself this way nobody can send you clan invites I’ve read in many post in the past of players getting invites and accidentally joining and then losing there properties so create a clan even if your the only one in it

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Or . . .

You could leave the server, lesson learned, and not play with asshats.

I knew someone who found great pleasure in this tactic. I never understood it, but, then, I run a solo clan.

It’s your game time, do what you enjoy, and if revenge is your path, be prepared for the journey.

Hey man we all gotta learn about it in some way, Atleast now you know and so you can prevent falling into this trap again. Make your own clan and dont join anyone elses unless you really trust them because the moment you join a clan all your stuff is shared.

8 months later

Nobody: Hey man you still surviving? Lol