Knocking out Players ? Leave them with their freedom!

First thing, the most important thing : the idea that i’ll be suggesting is to be able to knock out other players WITHOUT robbing them of their freedom/agency.

So, knocking out other players is an infamous topic but I think I got a pretty good idea. I’d like to make myself clear that this is just a friendly suggestion and that I am firmly opposed to everything that could get a player unable to play (like most other suggestions about this topic).

So, the main issue is the fact that the knocked out player can’t do anything, he cannot play anymore if he’s unconscious. So, my idea is that, when you get knocked unconscious, the player actually dies, get the standard death screen, he can respawn etc… But, here’s the cacth, the player is “dead” but the corpse that he drops isn’t dead but unconscious and so he can be roped, dragged and such like any other human NPC.

Then we have the loot trouble, it’d mean that you couldn’t get your stuff back if your body isn’t “dead”, BUT, you’d also drop a tombstone like any other death and so would be able to loot from this. Then, I thought about how you could get knocked out and I found 2 solutions :

  • firstly, we get a new “blunt health damage pool” (can’t find a better way to phrase this) like any other NPC and we get more health every level and every new points in vitality, like the NPCs (a relic hunter T4 as a larger blunt health damage pool than an exiled T4 for example).

  • Second idea, we don’t get a new health bar and it’s tied up to the original health bar, and so to knock out a player, the last hit needs to be blunt.

And finally, how will the thrall be compared to the others ? Well, my idea is that your level decide of it, if you’re like between 1 and 6, when you’re put in the wheel, your unconscious “double” get stats like a T4 Exile, but when you’re 50 you’ll be like a T4 from the Forgotten Tribe.

However, it should be as hard to knock a player out as it is to kill him, it shouldn’t become a new meta.

With this idea, you’d have a new way of fighting other players and a new way to get thralls (that would be at the same level as other thralls).

Last but not least, my buddy @Larathiel rang a bell when he said that high level players could just knock eachothers out over and over to build a super strong army quickly. So maybe there could be a maximum numbers of players you could knock out each days or something like that.

This is just an idea that I got while eating so there’s maybe flaws, but I think it’s pretty good, so what do you think ?


Stupid idea.

Would you like to develop a little bit ? Cause just saying “Stupid idea” means nothing. At least explain why you think this is stupid and maybe give another idea ?

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Personally I wouldn’t enjoy others being able to clone my character into a thrall, but then I play PvE precisely because I don’t the style of PvP this game offers.

What might be away around the loop-hole I pointed out is if our clone’s thrall-dom was either time-limited (i.e. until the next server restart), or they were more like a workbench thrall that’s strictly decorative. In this way a competitive player could eventually build up a prison or harem, etc. showcasing all the other player’s they’ve defeated.

The catch would be, any given player can only have 1 captured clone of themself on the server at once.

For example, let’s say I captured you, Gavin. Your clone could exist as one of my thralls up until another player captured you. At that point, you’d be despawned from my base.

Likewise, if a player successfully exacts revenge upon their captor (i.e. you killed or captured me), then their captured clone disappears from the other clan’s base.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on how this could be made to work without letting people cheese out an entire army.


I like the idea a lot !


The question I have is why?
There is a limited number of options for character creation, chances are there are already NPCs that look exactly like someones player character.

So why make a clone? it wouldn’t be anything special.

If you really want to control the looks of your thralls, try a server that has the mods Emberlight or CharEditLite Both of those mod allow you to edit Thralls.

And CharEditLite has a Clone feature, so you could say, “Hey Baby let me clone you and put you on my workbench.” :wink:

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I know of CharEditLite, i spent countless hours modifying my thralls with it. Why have this ? I don’t know, it’s a topic that as already been brought up a number of times and never with good ideas, and since my idea pretty much erase what was the issue for a number of people (player not allowed to play) i thought that I’d just suggest this. And the idea behind this is for PvP servers. You’re talking about clones but most NPCs are already EXTREMLY alike, so why not having different ones, like ones with beards, something that NPCs don’t have. And the point of this topic is not about making doubles/clones of you, it’s to knock out players. We’re not on the same topic here.

Edit : And from all the player characters that I ever saw, none of them looked like any NPC from the game, and i spawned enough of them in SP hahaha

Ok if i understand well you don’t want to kill others in pvp fights (like me) but you surely want to give them a lesson, to leave you alone. If theese are your intentions i agree 100%. However i cannot see a way for this to be done and not be used unproperly. All i can wish is that this would happen.


KO’s are pretty much a troll tool, and death is a means of escape… getting ko’d always just feels bad. Then your at someone mercy for what ever game mechanics there allowed, and then what they can glitch or break…
Its fun for one person…not other. Ya dieing sucks, but itlest you tired up till that point and re spawn.
Even if KO is death, and they now have a clone of character sleeping on ground… abit weird isnt it? There 1 of me, and now i’m on wheel of pain…and then workbench. Next time I pass by I see me there. Creepy… and sad.

As for clones part 2… why? we can’t even get custom thralls, or edit thralls at work bench.

I get the idea, this is one part of it, that would happen… and make having custom thralls more work then it needs be. XD

Then again, anything that gives trolls and griefers more tools to use… is really never ok idea in my book. Thats just me.

I’m not a PvP player but I think that it could be nice addition to the PvP aspect of the game indeed. I’m sure there is a lot of ways people could grief with this (unfortunatly) but i’m not a developer or something like that, it’s just an idea. People would learn a lesson after getting bludgeoned to death hahaha But implementing @Larathiel’s idea as well could make great things. It’s something to think about in my opinion and if done properly, could bring a nice little addition to the game.

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Then I’m missing something, from the POV of the knocked out player, you’ve killed him/her.
From the POV of the knocker, you have a nothing special thrall.

I don’t get it?

Maybe I’m missing the point because I don’t understand RP, I have tried.
But to me I’m not the character, It’s a puppet. And I’m just controlling it.

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