Allow us to knock out players and hand cuff them or take their loot

Please allow us to knock out other players for a more non lethal approach and maybe kidnap them or hand cuff them but you can escape the hand cuffs if you struggle if they are made of hide if they are made of metal then you have to pick them or kill your self


On a PVP server you can kill another player and take his loot. Why knocking out ? While you try to knock him out, he will defend himself by killing you with a real weapon. I

But if you have decent armor that shouldn’t be a problem like today a dude was chasing me and he hit me 4 times and didn’t even get me half health I hit him 2 times and he started running away lol but if that’s a concern then maybe they should add tranq arrows that allow you to knock someone out from a distance since people love to run

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Well okay but I still dont see a reason why you should be able to knock someone out. It is much easier to kill someone than knocking him out. Do you want it for some kind of roleplay or what is the reason ? If you want his loot, kill him.

Funcom has commented in the past regarding players being able to take other players prisoners in the vanilla game … the summary of their comment was: no.


Its funny, people be like “how” “Ill just kill you with a real weapon”. I guess some people havent played the other great survival game. Um yeah I totally support being able to knock out players and capture them. Throw them in a cell in my basement. Sure they can kill themselves but I still have their corpse. In ARK everyone that was ever captured complained about not being able to kill themselves (even though they were given the ability to do so early on by eating their own poop). Now here on Conan where its clear ■■■■■■■■■■■ yourself no one wants the capture people option. I freaking love the idea!

how… to… kill… is what is censored. dumb filter.

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There is a mod for this, the options are a fine addition to gameplay.

One of the main advantages is, that captured enemies are out of the way while you loot their base for example and don’t respawn and keep fighting.


What exactly is the point of this?

You bash a player. Drag them off to a cell.
They pull off the bracelet before you ever get them there, or else immediately upon being thrown into a cell.
Respawn and gear up at their base, probably before you ever reach it to raid and loot.

For RP, sure it’s fine. From a normal mecanics perspective? It’s a waste of time and effort on the part of the dev team. Time that could be better served with new content.


I just want to go non lethal like a stealthy boi but there’s no option for non lethal I just want more combat variety

Yea that’s where I pulled the idea from I came from ark before it became bad and less updated plus it would be a nice way to prevent someone from raiding you like when they are setting up a trebuchet or explosive you could ambush them and knock them out or hit them with a tranq arrow then cuff them and interrogate them then from their you can choose to spare or kill them

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That would be good as there is this clan on my server who raids anyone in their path and it’s hard to give them a taste of their own medicine since they are on 24/7

Knocked out how you gonna remove a bracelet

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So then the only way they die would be starvation or thirst but you could force feed them instead and no taking off bracelet simple fix

And we come full circle to this being nothing more than something to piss players off.

You remove their ability to take off the bracelet to die and respawn.
You remove their ability to die via starvation and thirst.

The one thing you are ignoring is that this is going to be used by trolls and ■■■■■■■■ to grab players and imprison them, with no option to get free. Aside from ultimately wiping their save file and starting over.

This is probably why Funcom gives a hard no on it. It is only open to abuse, and there is really little to no gameplay benefit from including it.


Eh who cares. Funcom gave us the ability to build and all it did was give players a way to piss players off.

Funcom gave us teleportation which just gave players another way to piss people off.

Point lost.

Building is a relevant gameplay feature. It allows you to express your creativity.

Frankly, knocking out people and imprisoning them is not. The only purpose it really has is as a roleplay function. And nearly every suggestion that is based around roleplay, is something players can do for themselves in the game already.

You don’t need mechanics if you want to roleplay with someone else an imprisonment scenario. Even having them be your thrall. All of that is perfectly doable on your own.

The only reason mechanics are wanted for this, is either to impose your roleplay on someone who may not wish to participate, or else to troll other players.

Seems clear Funcom feels the same way about it.


Plenty of time to change their minds…

Excluding ding dongs that will make anything fun into a way to troll. Knock out allows you to control the situation defensively if being raided. Why kill them so they can spawn back at their FoB? Knock em out and hold them. You can hold them as long as you like. They can just log out. Eventually you will to. You cant force feed in this game or force someone to drink so you’ll die eventually.

Gettin real sick of arguments that are countered with “Troll will abuse it”. Such a cheap excuse.

It isn’t a cheap excuse. It’s a perfectly valid one.

You get a mechanic like this on a PVP server, you get clans that act like ■■■■■■■■.

How long does death by starvation or thirst take on the official servers, if you don’t log in?

If logging out does not break capture, how many IRL days are you stuck waiting for your character to die, so you can go back in and play freely?

I don’t think that is something you guys realize. Trolls would capture people and hold them, and that prevents them from playing the game until they are dead and free again. At which time the trolls could just go in and recapture them.

Nothing is going to piss people off more than not being able to play the game they paid for, because the devs gave people something to empower jerkish behavior.

The idea might look good on paper. In practice, it’s way too flawed.


Yet official server are plagued by blocked resources, broken resources, blocked obelisks and are unplayable unless you control this. So lets not care about 2/3rds the population. Lets just worry about how PVP people feel when they get trolled and cant do anything about it.

We can use that excuse for literally everything.

Woops forgot where I was going with that. We are already trolled and cant play the way the game is meant to be played and yet we are still here. Getting captured is hardly equivalent to never being able to play.

But when they added buildings or the like for players, they did not intend for them to be used that way.

This idea, from day one it is entirely a means to abuse other players. It’s nothing but that. That is the problem, in and of itself.

Some players might use it for roleplay for short times, then free the captives or allow them to “escape”, so everyone is happy about it.

But you cannot sit there and tell me that 95% of the people are not going to abuse this mechanic from the outset.