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Funcom I would like to suggest an idea on how the players can deal with griefers. Put in the game a way for us players to use tranquilizer darts from blow guns or arrows with tranquilizer poison or even sleep gas grenades. Then we can drag them with bindings to the prison cells that are just decorations for now. Allow us to dish out our own justice in the game. It would make sense in the Conan universe. Of course the prisoners will have to be fed and clothed depending on the environment and or put inside a building to keep them out of the elements.

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I did get a bit of a chuckle at the idea of this, but ironically, it would turn out the other way around. The griefers would use this to their advantage and then some.


I know it can be used both ways, but it’s better than the current state or nothing at all. Killing griefers doesn’t work, destroying their stuff doesn’t work. This is the best solution I can think of that might work. Besides this game is about being in a tribe and working together, if you are playing solo that just makes you a target for griefers.

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Being able to knockout and imprison players has been discussed before … basically the counter argument is - the victim would either:
A) log off
B) remove their bracelet to rezone at a bed, bed roll or desert
So the punitive factor only works if the victim is willing to co-operate such as in an role-playing scenario.

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Or they can program that the bindings don’t allow them to suicide. So that the only thing they can do is sit there in the jail or log off. Once they get like some kind of special bindings put on them they can’t access their bracelet or kill themselves. Their jailer can access their inventory to feed them, cloth them. It’s what Ark did to allow players to deal with griefers and it works. Once a player is captured and is put in special “bindings” for players they can’t do anything. It’s not that hard to program something like that into the game.

We already have victims of griefing and nothing is being done about it, it’s that we the players that don’t grief have very little ways of dealing with griefers other than destroying or killing them. Which we all know it doesn’t work. They just say, “Oh well you got me this time”. I’m tired of the status quota with this idea at least WE the players can do something about it. We know Funcom is not going to do anything about it themselves. At least with this suggestion they give us the means to do it ourselves. I even tried to use a report a griefer to Funcom and even showed the name and what the griefer did. I even explained that this players toxicity was killing the server and he would use every griefing tactic to force people off the server. Then Funcom replies to me saying, “they can’t do anything about it.” I did summerize the email letter they sent to me.

Very true there is enough idiots on the servers noobs have no chance

How about that, Devs make a “special code” for said iten to work on those who “violate” or use third party software on officials, so the tranquilizer darts would only affect people who is hacking or glitching, and they can’t remove bracelet, just recreate the character.

What about a…
Automatic ban system?

If players could hit report on certain players and a certain number (to be set by Funcom) with the same reason (i.e. griefing, exploiting, toxic behavior) in a certain amount of time (i.e. 72-144 hours), the system would automatically add this player to the ban list.
A few days later the player gets taken off the ban list, allowing to connect again.
Combine that with counting the temporary bans - and if they got applied in a certain period (i.e. month), and if a certain number of these have hit that steamid (or if possible copy of the game, looking at sharing via steam), this steam account will be perma banned from all official servers. I am certain that this is basically possible?

Then again, some kind of “security system” needs to be implemented too, to hinder griefers from banding up on the “normal” players and randomly causing bans. Unfortunately I cannot think of one which wont require human resources…


That is also a good idea Nuria, in the end I just want something to be done. Your idea, at the very least my idea or just about any idea. So far all I’ve seen Funcom doing is just adding more DLC and just patching up some problems. I hope Funcom does put in some effort to help stop or at least minimize these kinds of people or even clans that make it their goal to grief people.

Understandable. Problem with just about anything player-managed is that it can (and therefore will) be turned around and used as a griefing tool in turn.

Yeah that’d be lovely, but don’t count on it - they haven’t done it so far, they didn’t do it when the game was at its most popular (ie when it would have been most profitable), they’re not likely to do so now.

Anything player managed is going to be abused, so it won’t work.

Tranq darts/arrows and dragging to prison: The griefs will use this en masse and ruin things even further.

Bindings and prison continued from above, that will not let you suicide or log off to escape: Further ruin, because now online players are ticked off and mad that they are being griefed and basically stuck unable to play their game.

Auto-ban system from player complaints via button: As stated, griefers will use this to pick on and bully others, which will further upset the victims and make them wonder why they should bother anymore with this game.

I just recently learned about the Corruption effect around Obelisks, to prevent griefing. But this seems…rather limited to be honest. Corruption can be gotten rid of, it’s not a lasting or harsh punishment in any way.

Instead, I should think making the area around an obelisk a safe zone, instead of a corruption zone. Any PVP killing done in this area will result in an instant bracelet-induced death that further strips away ALL of your items and completely and irrevocably destroys them.

No warnings. Just swift and harsh justice as a lesson. Teach the griefers to stay well away from obelisks.

Second, there needs to be a PVP flag on your character. So you choose whether you want to engage in PVP or not in the first place. If not, then another character cannot damage you.

Before anyone comes at me with the whole “it’s a PVP game”, that is nonsense. First and foremost it’s a game set in the Conan mythology, and not everyone wants to engage in PVP. We can play the game preferring to explore the environment and PVE battles, rather than mindless PVP fights.

As a preventative measure for the PVP flag, if you turn PVP on and kill another player, your PVP flag is locked to on for a period of 7 IRL days. So you can’t run in and kill somebody, then turn your PVP flag off and be immune to them.

When your PVP is turned on, your property is susceptible to damage and attack. The Purge ignores the PVP flag entirely, because it is PVE.

When part of a clan, the clan leader decides whether the PVP flag is turned on or off for clan property and members. This completely overrides the personal PVP flag set by a player.

So if you set your PVP to off, but the clan leader sets the clan PVP to on, then yours is automatically locked to on for as long as you are in the clan.

For further exploit prevention (ie, dropping clan, turning PVP on, killing someone, and rejoining clan with PVP off settings to prevent retaliation), after leaving a clan that has PVP turned off, if you turn your PVP on and kill someone, your PVP is locked to on for 7 IRL days, regardless of whether you join a clan that has PVP off.

I’m not sure how things work with being offline and the like, with how your body is supposed to still be present and safe zones or the like. I don’t play offline, no PS+, so this is an aspect I’m unsure of.

But as I outlined above, this can effectively work two ways.

On the assumption there are safe areas to log out, in which your body is completely gone from the game world, you are forced to wait an entire week before you can come back in and be safe from PVP.

The same penalty applies for dropping clan, in that you are still locked to PVP for one week.

So the choice would then be stop playing for a week, which may incur decay penalties or the like, or continue playing and face retaliation for your actions.

only problem with this, is one clan could get on a server, turn pvp off, gather for 3 weeks unhindered, then when the alpha is weakened slightly from a war, turn it on attack before the alpha could turn their flag off…so many ways to abuse. PVP servers are PVP. PVE-C servers are melee, and PVE are building/RP. There may be needs to be an official that is more casual PV. IE, Raid 4 hours a day, but PVE-C is bracketed 4 hours on eahc side of raid time on that server. During non PVP/raid time, harvesting is 1x, and during PVE-C hours 2x, and during raid time it is 4x. Applies to XP gain as well. Would more for the casual 2-3 hour day Conan player, and not have to worry about the 16 hour a day farmers that build months worth of resupplies in 3 days.

Would do a private server of this, but then i would have to micromanage the hours. Would like to have a slider for all days of the wee, for each style. Raid time, player damage, god damge, harvesting, and xp.

Unfortunately there isn’t really a perfect method for dealing with griefers.

People are —holes in general, put them online and in a mob, where they are safe behind a computer or television screen? The —hole in them is magnified by 100.

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If knocking out other players and capturing them was a thing my clan would run around in slaver outfits caging every player we found.

This is the worse idea ever. This is basically a way fro Griefers to totally clear a server of all other players. They would just lock you up and never let you play at all. That is beyond a bad idea. Are you are Griefer in disguise? I can’t think of a way this wouldn’t backfire horribly

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The only way to get rid of most griefers is to ostracize them on the server (PVP at least). People only grief to get attention from friends. Do not talk/interact friendly ever with them. Warn everyone about them. Let people know if you befriend a known griefer, you will be attacked as if you were a griefer. Sadly, the server must grief the griefer in sorts. But unfortunately, there are alpha clans who either turn a blind eye themselves or employ the griefers in a pinch, hence they survive and even thrive. If enough of the high skilled players turned their backs on cheaters and griefers, then eventually the numbers would dwindle and make the servers a better place.

Forming a griefing clan to grief the griefers could help. Though there is always that fine line between punishing a griefer, and becoming a griefer.

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