Devs, about player slavery

I would like to ask if that is possible in the near future to have an option in the menu to allow players to enslave you, in an rp and ■■■■■■ roleplay sense both. Players could be leashed and restrained with set lengths, bound to an item, locked in a room or cage, having items locked on them, etc, just probably the only thing the supposed master cannot mess with is feats and attributes but could check them perhaps to see what their slave can do. bad idea or good idea… I think this could fit conan exiles and I know alot of players that would find this useful in slaver rp!

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the problem with such tool in game would be grief, tho if you rp a slave for someone, you still can act it if both are respectfull.
Tho i would love an option add on cage so that a door is added and they can be used :slight_smile:


The problem is that it have to be fun for both parts. They have talked about it but have not found a way to implent it.

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Sounds like a griefer’s paradise. No thanks.


Slavery should be only rp-ed. I say no to a game mechanic that could take to griefing and harrassments.
It can be implemented by a mod installed on a private server. it’s the only good solution i see.


I think you’re right, in regards of avoiding griefing. That being said, giving hefty controls over it to an admin would be nice. I mean…who wouldn’t want to see someone lashed to a Wheel of Pain? Just for funsies?

Perhaps a way to work around that would be to allow some sort of escape mechanic, like a perk or game system.

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Sociolotron is the game for you lol

But I am sure they will come out with some mods for the PC version that could or would allow such things over time. :wink:

You should know how popular that would go down.
Your server would die within days, if not hours.

Its been said before, in this thread and the dozen others.

How do you make it fun for both parties? If you can’t come up with an idea to make it fun for the person being enslaved. Then its an idea that will never happen.

People like @Thuledragon ought to drop it until they solve this.

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You can already be a slaver in the sense of “If you don’t do what we say, we’ll raid you”. I think that has much greater gameplay value than constricting a player.

I don’t think actually leashing players would be very much fun. I think it would actually be very aggravating for most people.


Unless they make a server just for that, I don’t think it’s a good ideal, not everyone like to grief or be the victim. Plus players will find ways to over abuse it.

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This. My clan had a scuffle with another and to avoid us trouncing them, they offered services and actually sent a dude to do tasks for us. Made for great interaction and we have a new set of allies.

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Sounds good buddy so I can dreg you and lock in my cage for weeks :wink:

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The big problem here is explaining the concept. 99.99% of the Vanilla world have absolutely no idea about this kind of thing. They have no clue how to make master-slave relationships mutually consensual. They think slavery is something that has to be forced on people and they just assume they would prefer to be the one doing the forcing.

But the technology is there to make this work - a clan with different level of permissions. One would voluntarily join a clan and in some clans the lowest level could be what we would call an “alternative lifestyle”. Don’t like it? Don’t join that clan. Want to try it out? Try it out and have the ability to leave the clan at any time.

Admittedly this would be a HUGE social experiment and could blow up in funcom’s face - so I see why they wouldn’t put resources into it. But it is technically and morally possible to make a voluntary master - slave clan.

Now why would anyone want to voluntarily be a slave you might ask? Well, in real life there are many kinds of voluntary bondage relationships so use your imaginations.

I can see how a certain niche would really enjoy this feature. I know several people who would probably pay a lot of money for an online “no safeword” playspace. Hell, I’d run a subscription server and make some cash, lol. But no biggie for me if it doesn’t happen.

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Yes krbot, it is and thats a rolplaying thing not a game Tech thing and that alredy exist. And that create clandrama to…

Should be PC slaves. Basically they should get to keep your unconscious body after you respawn if they KO’d you instead of killing you. You just respawn in a new body like a regular death.

One thing that should never be done is force a player to lose control of their character.

mmmm lol not bad there haha

apparently some mods are already at work for this anyways so its no big deal definitely that the devs won’t add anything like this, I am pretty happy that mod teams will do this.

well not complete control of their character, more of what I was thinking is like second life’s RLV, if you check that out its actually pretty fun for a number of people but anyways mod teams doing stuff like this anyways so f*** it.