Dear developers. Hostages

Dear developers. I play your game from the first day of the launch in the incentive. I went with you all the way, a lot of bugs, a huge amount of hours spent in the game. And I hope you will respond to my proposal. Do not kill yourself with the help of “remove bracelet”. Allow me to drag the bodies of sleeping or stunned enemies in cages and enjoy the fact that my enemy is locked up and slowly dies. It would be very cool, I’m sure that you visited this idea. Can you do it. P.S The combat system and new armor is great!


The problem of this idea is, a game needs to be fun for ALL people playing it.

While capturing another player seems fun from the aggressor point of view
I doubt the captive would see it that way, unless it is an RP server, in which game mechanics like this are unnecessary.

This would be nothing but a griefing tool.


This is a very good idea, and I thought the truncheon should knock out players too (albeit for a much shorter duration than thralls). There have been chains, cages, crosses and meat hooks introduced in mods that you could hold people captive in/on.

This would be awesome for RP servers, but (as stated) would be detrimental in official ones by people who want to grief others. Perhaps (if ever developed) it could be a server option, that would naturally be turned off for official servers (like raid time restrictions).

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It really suits the theme. I agree with it, but there are a few caveats that have caused a lot of people to object whenever this idea has been previously suggested:

  1. Not fun for the person who is captive.
  2. Would mostly just be another griefing tool.
  3. Takes control away from the victim.
  4. Causes the victim to lose gameplay time.

My preferred way to do this would be to prevent the ‘bound’ player from using items, or from removing their bracelet (suiciding) until they ‘break their bindings’. After doing so, they get full control of their character back, and can suicide at will.

I think it would be a good mechanic for ‘parlaying’ with hostile enemies. Disable them, and then talk once they are at your mercy.

But just understand that it will also be used for griefing, which might be especially bad if the mechanics aren’t made clear to players (ie. ‘suicide’ through the settings menu to escape).

I think two minutes would be plenty time for the bindings to last. They could even be tiered, so the basic ones just last 20 seconds.


Really dont like this idea. Dont see what fun/point it will bring to the table.


I’m pretty sure you’ll have to rely on a mod to get this feature. It is as other people have said here, the game needs to be fun for all players. And being held hostage against your will is probably not a lot of fun.

I am however not a designer for the game, so who knows what those crazy people will do! But from discussions we’ve had around this topic I think it’s very unlikely it will happen from our end.


This is a horrible idea, how long does it take you to drag the person to your base and starve him to death? 30min? 1 hour? What can the captive do? I bet he will log off or even quit before waiting for that long. This feature will kill the game, especially for newbies. And it won’t be fair for solo players.


I like the idea of ​​TwinCrows … I hope the developers will hear.

They talked about this along time ago, atleast Joel did, About how to make it fun for all parties included, and the theorycraft behind it was, a Mini-game for while your being pulled. Of course this is more of a luxury feature.
But assuming you won the mini-game while you were being dragged with rope you could break free.

Eitherway i’m kinda happy they didnt follow ark to much in that aspect.
I still remember the days of having clan members trapped for weeks straight.
Only way we got them out was clipping through with flying creatures lol.

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I can see it working if the captured player has the option to suicide or even to get out or in combat, so you are not forced to stay captured. I think it would add more interactivity with the server population, the stories already is built by the players, hell, we have teleports, capture players could be turned off aswell.

More options, yes pls.

Or maybe have it will in since it kills the player but his body still thier. It would be way to make players character a mindless thrall.

Make mini game but only last for 30 secs so it won’t be poor experice for player.

Get knocked out you have 30 secs play a combo game to get you free. Now after winning give you choice to brake free. This is not another mini game this more for player to see an opportunity to escape or to attack. Now after won mini game but refused to escape before cage.

In cage become another mini game to brake cage after winning or losing it ask you to brake free or to let them brake your mind( death). Now you don’t have brake free can just wait but player can reset the game. Plus you stay in cage and try free your self but more attempts it gets harder.

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every system have something to exploit. A capture game could very well be superfun or turn onto an horrible experience. Unless we can find a good balance i’m not that for such a system.

i think the mod “Crassus” is the closest to what we could have, you can grap humanoïd token on dead body, even player, for put them on cross & such

edit : Crassus, not Kranagus, sorry ><


You mean the Mod Crassus by swim1500 :innocent: But it can use only dead bodies to crucify or to stake on piles. It’s an awesome mod for barbaric immersion and it’s still working with the current live version. Swim1500 will update it, when the new devkit will go live.

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I’ve been asking about this ability as well, and there are a few things to consider for folks that are afraid this will ruin their fun -

  • You will eventually starve, or die of dehydration so being permanently trapped is something you can get around. Your captors can offer food, but you don’t have to eat it. Unless they add forced feeding like ARK, you won’t be permanently stuck there.

  • Is it really that much more frustrating and negative than having your base destroyed or getting ganked by 5 people? Having to rebuild your base after you’ve been sent back to the stone age takes hours upon hours of your game time. I’m sure people quit the game over that kind of thing. It’s just another aspect of PVP and for roleplaying it adds another opportunity to build stories with other people.

  • Just like ropes for thralls, wrist bindings could eventually decay or deteriorate over time, allowing you to attempt to escape. At the very least, if you are unable to get out of your cell or cage, you could exhaust yourself to death by struggling, or just remove your bracelet to die.

I just feel like automatically labeling this as too negative of a feature to add to the game is a bit silly when there are very easy ways around it already implemented in the game.


Yes, this is worse. In my case I can only play a few hours a week if I am lucky. Every minute I get to play is precious. If I choose to play on PVP official (which I do from time to time) I can adapt my playstyle for that situation. I do not mind losing since that is part of the game and the only way to get better. I build lite since I do not have the time to waste rebuilding a huge base that I can lose in a night. If I die or get raided, I am back in the action seconds later fighting, harvesting, crafting, etc.

The capture mechanic is worse because it robs me of time. I have no interest in any lost time and I do not play this so that I can play mini-games. Capture mechanics sound fun, and maybe if you can dedicate hours a day to playing CE spending 15 - 30 minutes escaping from capture may seem like a nice diversion. In a given week, though, that time could represent half of my play. No thank you.


Well, just like you, there are many people with varying schedules and playstyles. You build light, but a lot of people build large elaborate fortresses. They put a lot of hours into it, and then someone comes along and destroys their work overnight.

They’re going to feel that same frustration, that loss of time you’re talking about that you will feel from being captured. It’s subjective. It doesn’t bother you that your base might get destroyed, just like it might not bother another person if they get captured in pvp, because their bindings deteriorate in a half hour and they can escape.

Avoid your potential captors by running away, and being cautious. Just like you would if you were avoiding PVP in general.

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fallacy, false dilemma, you can make a player as hostage and destroy his base too, it’s even easyer because player(s) can’t defend his base…So, it’s worse. It’s a awfull unfunness and griefingness mechanic…So, i think it’s a very bad idea. Prevent players to play, to defend, not very good mechanic…


I understand your point, but I still disagree. I honestly feel like it would just line up with the rest of the pvp features, and probably happen very rarely. If the only way to knock someone out is to use a truncheon, chances are pretty high that you’ll be able to defend yourself pretty well, especially if wearing a helmet decreases the chances of being knocked out to begin with.

I have no doubt the mechanic could/would be used for griefing, griefers will grief no matter what.

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but this feature would be a powerful griefing feature more than all others…
For this specifics things, they are mods and moddeds servers…
I’m not sure it is a good think to put a feature who prevent player from playing as a vanilla feature…


I understand your concern, I’m not even a huge fan of PVP in general, I am an RPer first and foremost. I just think that every PVP feature can used for griefing in equal measure. The fear of being captured so that they can destroy your base is on par with going to bed one night, logging on the next day, and then seeing your entire base (that you had spent weeks building) destroyed.

At least when you’re captured you’ll know who did it for future revenge.

I think this is a matter of opinion. Everyone has a different view on what they feel is griefing and what isn’t.

What if capturing was something that could be turned on and off, server side? By default, it could be off.