An ability to take PvP players hostage - Unconscious state; accessible caging

It would be cool to have the ability to capture clan members and take them hostage. It might be useful for it to be timed to give the hostage a way back home, but the bragging rights would be good enough. There should be an ability to knock a live player unconscious.

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This pops up as a frequent suggestion, and while I at first thought it would be cool, the discussion has turned me off of it.

The PvP in this game is already very predatory. Seldom do players actually fight other clans that are around their power level. Hostage-taking would primarily be a griefing tactic, and so it wouldn’t be fun for new or casual players.

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Hmm maybe they could find a way to make it active only if the player joins a clan. Either way I think it would be fun. Or maybe only allowed on full PvP servers

Yeah, if it could be an opt-in system, then it would be better. I really like the idea of sacrificing a player at my altar, or the horror of being dragged and sacrificed at an enemy’s altar.

I like it in a narrative sense, but as a game, it needs to add to the gameplay in an enjoyable and ‘fun’ way. Right now, it’s more fun to just get killed and be done with the combat encounter, so that you can respawn and fight some more.

So what does the hostage do in the meantime when he is taken hostage? Buy some food, or do number 2?

I say yes but let players remove their bracelet whenever. That way, players can either stick around or kill themselves. I would be a person that’d stick around and see what happens.