Capture players ideas

I would like to ability to capture other players. (In the Game Reign of Kings the capturing of players worked very well). This is mostly for Role Playing and can be escaped by removing bracelet killing yourself and respawing or using by using a escaping device like crafted sharp stone and/or using a crafted lock-pick to escape while staying alive. I would like to see a jail with buildable walls made of bars and a door made of bars to release captured player in. Also i would like to see a Guillotine, Pillory, Gallows, Stretching Rack, and various Cages to place players in.

I am Imagining:
-other players trying to save you
-captured for a crime must serve time
-paying to be freed
-working off crime or debt on wheel of pain or by doing a requested task
-being able to put a bounty on a person to be capture and brought to you

This wouldn’t cause all sorts of griefing or anything.

Bad idea. Sorry.

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