Capture The Player in PVP


Is there a away to stun the player of a different clan , then use the leashing system to bound that stun player and take that player to an cell that was made , with a locked door that the clan mates of that stun player must gather a key or lock pick the door to free that stun player?


Nope. It doesn’t exist, and it shouldn’t.


The point is to have pvp and enjoy rescues and raids using the siege system in place , i do not see why it would not help in teamwork and other forms of game play

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I would like to see a feature in PvP servers like this:

You manage to knockdown an enemy player the same way you do to capture thralls, while in raid time the captured player loses the option to “take the bracelet off” for 1 hour, but in addition, once knocked down, the stunned player cannot be looted, only if killed, or awake after 1 hour.

Capturing using club or the blunt arrow damages stamina, you get knocked down if you get hit with no stamina, the capturer drags the stunned player with the rope, and can put captured players in cages, also interacting with them to set it free breaking the stun effect that lasts for 1 hour.

That would add some pretty interesting scenarios, like raiding attempts becoming dangerous as you can be knocked down by another player, being caged, Clan rescue missions, and the people who fears “harassment”, griefing, too “ofensive” (as it cutting limbs and guts wasnt right), i think those who prefers to step off are good on pve Conflict.


But… what would the captured player (the human behind the avatar, I mean) do while he can’t control his char?

You cannot expect people to stay there looking at the screen without being able to do anything, right?

They might as well logoff at that point, if that’s the only option.


I am against this motion. It will hurt PvP game play more then make it interesting. It’s hard enough to keep a healthy server as it is.

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Oh, no! I’ve been captured!
Removes bracelet
Goes about his business

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It’s a nice idea, but only usable for RP stuff, since you are able to remove your bracelet and respawn.

I think it should be implemented like this and even as @Solry stated, it may be possible to remove your bracelet but it would help atleast the RP Players to get some more immersion.


The ability to knock out the enemy player and bound to an area that is locked with a door this enemy that is stun would have timer to recover and not stay stun as enemy team mates rally a recuse. The locked door should have a either a key or lock pick that the enemy team must go through to recuse their team mate, yes removing the bracelet will end said capture.

You must remember that if the guy takes off his bracelet his is also losing his loot. I guess this could be a nice addition to the game.


For me it has to be a capture exactly like Ark. Knocking out enemies and putting them in a cell until their friends come and save the day. It gives the game a more realistic aspect, and that is what I want in this type of game.

No it doesn’t, it´s just another abuse mechanic. Just as you can constantly feed people narco berries in ARK.

Let´s be honest, we would capture everyone and keep them there as long as we can while we pretend its “good gameplay”.


Exactly, just like Ark :smiling_imp: xD.
I just think it is fun. For example, a guy raided your base and you captured him. Would you let him go? Ofc not, you would keep him as a pet and let him go only when his friends came or make him quit the server. I know this seems ruthless but this is what I love about these games.


another type of game within pvp to enjoy this rich game we love

While you like the mechanic to be fun if you capture. Have you thought about how you would enjoy the game while being captured? Perhaps constantly captured?

It´s one of those things that looks good on paper, but in reality it´s just a disaster.

Personally my clan would happily capture and recapture anyone we don’t like to deny them game time, forever.


Agree with this… if someone capture u again and again it will make u angry leave this game… Ruin everything…

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Would it be fun for you to sit inside somebody elses base for an hour unable to do anything? I don’t think so.


If someone tried to capture and capture me again I would just change servers :stuck_out_tongue:

Then what would be the point in capturing?

Capture them for an hour and release them? No no no

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