Clan allies and Ropes used for thralls

My long time friend just disconnected due to a power issue and is in lets say a not so favorable location this is PvC so it’s a window of death for him unless I take all the stuff back with me, I am not specifically able to carry another person’s stuff. Would it be possible to allow the of thrall dragging equipment such as fiber ropes, leather, chain, etc to be used to drag your allies to a safer spot during such issues? Only clan mates though obviously.

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I remember you could drag unconscious player, i.e. logged out, some years back. Done it a few times when playing with friends in coop.

Are you sure about that? I know such a mechanic only from Ark, but as far as I know it never existed in Conan Exiles.


Yeah, but it was long ago. Not sure exactly when it was, probably end 2018 / early 2019.
Never done it since though because I’ve not had a friend play with me since back then.

If you are in buildable are, make 4x4 hut over his body. Or make some boxes place on a 4x4 base of foundations somewhere kill him loot and place his stuff into the boxes.

Mmm… why stop at just clanmates?


I like the proposal, as long as the game makes you stop dragging the player if they log back in. Otherwise it belongs in some bondage-themed mod :wink:


Hey don’t deny me the magical possibilities of that!

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Because that would become abuse?

That’s the idea.

One can already be looted or killed (in PVP). Being dragged isn’t much different.


True well, it does make sense that they can remove the bracelets to solve being griefed. So yeah I see your point and agree with it.

Sorry, but as you said:


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Buddy rescue system. I like it. Look out for that lava…


Oh you have no idea how often I would accidentally lose grip on them by mistake pulling out a torch and have to actually use said torch to locate where I lost him a rescue turned in to lost and found then rescued then lost situation often lol!! Or as you mentioned, lava. Or dare I say a watery demise? :rofl:


I would have too much fun with this. I would literally build a zoo for all the unconscious people I would put there.

Bonus points if I can drag people strait off their own land claim. :grinning:

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