Captured Thralls Walking

I think it would be much more realistic and logical if once you attach your rope to a knocked out thrall that they stand up with tied hands and follow you to the wheel rather than being dragged for miles across rocks, sand, gravel, through cactus/shrubs, etc. Seriously, by the time you got back there wouldn’t be a thrall at the end of the rope anymore. All you would have is two legs and a really long blood trail back to their camp.


That a fundamentally an AI code and they didnt have the time or resource to fix this and they went with just a simple knock out and drag.

It was just the easiest and lightweight of doing it.

I understand that time constraints may have been the root of the result. However, the purpose of the Suggestions Forums to bring up ideas that could be addressed at a later time

Maybe, In the future if we get more support for AI movement and more Guides for it. We might see more and more Thrall interaction. I do hope that after they give us the ability to tame pets, we might see more of things with aI code.

One of the thing id like to do is revist the bearer attribute in that to go from Instead of equip backpack in slot to just simply attach the backpack in a non slot system and access the backpack like the way we do in real life.

Funny thing is that I’ve had this bug sometimes where the knocked out thrall stays standing.

I have even been able to drag them home as they attempt to run while tethered at the ankle.

that because the behavior of the rope actor actually bypass the Ai code and it just a matter of constraint of the rope pulling, ive done test with a Wolf and i saw that it can try to run but the rope actor was too strong for it to run away.

If they could make this bug a non bug then just tether at the wrist I could work.
But ithink the point of koing them is that they are out for x minutes so you’ve got x minutes to drag them home.

I don’t have confidence in them to code this in to the game without breaking something.

Rather than having to drag them or as OP suggests have them wake up and walk, I’d prefer that we have an option to tie them up then carry them over one shoulder which would still permit us to fight but with movement penalties and damage inflicted on the carried thrall if they are hit in combat (which yes could kill them).

How this would work: same bind mechanism to get the unconscious thrall attached to you, then when you hold down Interact key (E on PC) you would get on the menu option wheel a “carry” option to click.

We could drop them on the ground if we get into a fight to get better mobility and prevent them take damage. I often release my unconscious thrall if I see I have to clear a path and then rebind … which would be problematic if they were awake and walking bound as I’d expect them to try and escape.