Push thralls away PLEASE

Guys, please, make it so that physical contact with the thrall that is following you pushes him away. I get stuck in doorways all the time. Funny thing is that thralls can push you away but you cannot push them away. How does that even work? Also please, if thralls can kick us from cliffs, can we also kick them off cliffs? Thank you


They need fix this in asgard i was stuck in the house my Pet block the way out i hade to die to get me out


While not ideal, I believe that if you tell the thrall/pet to “stop following” they will go on scout mode, and eventually return home, letting you out. But that’s not a fast process by any means. Still, in some situations it might be preferable to suicide.

All you have to do is tell the thrall to Guard and you can manually move it out of the doorway and place it where you want to.

The issue is if you are out and about, and in an area you can’t place a thrall.


Yes, that’s why I suggested the “stop following” method, which I believe you can use anywhere (I could be wrong)

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I would like to see thralls respond to a kick attack. Where they get pushed back, even just the tiniest amount, so that you can move them and not get into a situation where their following you too closely gets you stuck.


There are LOTS of places where Thralls & Pets can’t be put On guard. The Den, for example, or New Asgard.

You are wrong. I tried it in the Den when my Hyena blocked the way to the merchant standing high on the cat walk. No way, I had to jump down.

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Yes please. I endorse this idea.

Fair enough. It’s only fairly recently that I started bringing thralls with me when out and about.

Yes!.. Its a bit like Skyrim. Lydia blocks the door way, so you fus-ro-da your way through XD (ahhh satisfaction) It would be nice to be able to push them away or Thralls would make room for you as you approach


You may kick them away but only during raid hours. :-/. If you get stuck in a corner in your house by stupid “follower” with other thralls nearby, you are cucked.

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Yeah I agree Cauthey. Moreover, I would love to see the kick attack be given a healthy amount of knockback, period. If we are fighting enemies up high, it would be great to kick them off the cliff (or even vice versa). This would make environmental awareness become an important consideration, and provide much needed humour too.


Defenestrations are a classic method of punishment (see e.g. the Defenestrations of Prague), so yes, throwing people off high places is needed.

And maybe some gentler ways of nudging people out of the way for other situations, too.

I would like to have a whip. We could make our thralls to move away from our way with a lash of our whip and maybe show some adequate submission too.

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I like the idea of a whip anyways, even if it isn’t for thralls.

But your idea works too!

Maybe we will see a whip in the Torturer Bench sometime in the future!

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In dungeons, and npc’s camps this will not work, because game will say you that “it’s not allowed here”. This is working out in the wild, but there you get less stuck by pets and thralls.

A “move” command would be helpfull, or simply the ability to push them a bit beside.

Totally agree. We need them to GTFO of the way after 3 seconds when we approach and the kick definitely needs a better knock back. I am gonna “THIS IS SPARTAAAA” all my T1 thralls so hard! :smiling_imp::rofl::joy:

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