Step aside pet/thralls - end the mutiny

You are their master. Their savior from a hard, free life. Yet the insolent creatures will not move aside when you try to walk passed.

O mighty dev gods,

We are being trapped in tight spaces and sometimes forced into suicidal acts by our so-called slaves. This is mutiny. Please make pets and thralls slide or walk out of our way when we collide with them.

Thank you and may you forever be enveloped in the blood of your enemies.


Hey there, Welcome! :wave:

Good idea. Sounds almost identical to what was mentioned for improved thrall and pet commanding which is/was planned, but I would include it when the time comes.

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Yeah. My thralls blocking doorways is annoying. I have to pick them up and toss them a bit farther if I want to get out of my house. I dread to think what I’m going to do if they ever do that in a dungeon where I cannot manually place them elsewhere. Probably kill them - it’s justified when they mutiny like that. No-one’s irreplaceable.

Very well written post Quintus.
You have highlighted once again one of the many problems that everybody encounters, and in this case going around with followers.
It would seem pretty obvious, and at least for other developers and games this would be a trivial matter to solve.
For Funcom though, I am afraid it remains science-fiction at the moment, as they genuinely seem to have no technical knowledge to properly design certain aspects of the game.
Do not expect a quick fix to it then, has been like this for several months now, and I doubt anything will change in the near future regarding this gameplay aspect.
I will be more than happy to be proved wrong at any time though.

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