Thralls should move out of doorways!

It would be nice if thralls move out of the way of doorways. They often block players in and make them have to place them to stand guard in order to free up the space. They should back up when a certain proximity to them is reached. Personal space respect!


Not long ago my Hyena totally blocked me in my own base. It stood on one side of the door following me and I stood on the other side and just couldn’t open it! I had to take it off and to put the animal “on guard” a little further from the door. A real nonsense.

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Yeah just a little AI improuvement like “choose another point near the player not in the proximity of doors” would be appreciated, and I think not so stressing to develop.

Pleeeease :pleading_face:


I still think kicking them should move them away. Also toss them off cliffs.

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