Followers still a pain around enclosed areas

Please let us kick thralls out of the way!! The move feature is not enough there are still certain places and situations where you can’t instruct them to move, where there is no places le ground to guard command them. Just had to demolish half my house cause I walked into my storage room in a hurry and forgot to unfollow my thrall and horse. So my horse stands directly in front and my thrall behind. I can’t even see because of this silly sandwich, I can’t move either of them. Short of killing myself or breaking bonds the only way was to take walls and stuff down to get out. This has been an oversight for forever with thralls. It’s surely not hard to just make a kick push them back???


Yep. Wasn’t watching the clock one night and raid hours ended , got trapped in an airlock by my own Snowhunter. Had to break bond to get out because no matter what we tried we couldn’t get the ***** to move.
Couldn’t pick her up and place her elsewhere, couldn’t point past her because it just kept accessing her inventory instead. Kicking does work in some instances however in this instance she was at the very edge of a foundation and it wouldn’t let us kick her backwards into the stairs behind her.

It would be awesome if they added a definitive solution for those situations.

In the mean time, there’s a trick that can help. If you have a tight space like the storage room you described, put a chest down and keep a door frame in it. For example, if the room has Yamatai walls, keep a Yamatai door frame in that chest. If you ever find yourself trapped, pick up the door frame and replace a wall with it. You don’t have to demolish the wall and risk losing stability – door frames and walls are always able to replace each other, if they’re from the same group, e.g. both Yamatai, or both sandstone, etc.


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