Can you please make the thrall teleport to you a step behind you not right on top of you as a player?

Also why has there not been a random unstuck idea? Ive been wedged against a wall a few times by my own thrall or a horse and theres nothing i can do about it besides suicide, can you make the kick function atleast work on your own thralls to push them away from you?? Thanks. great game by the way.


A workaround for suicide is to ‘grab’ the thrall and set them to guard out of the way. Then, once you can move again, have them follow you.

But, yes, thralls and pets are immobile objects that otherwise utterly block the featherweight player avatars. When they are that close, attempting to use the move commands usually result in opening their inventory… whenever it doesn’t result in gathering random nearby resources instead of using move/attach commands… cannot count how many times the brainless louts run up and stop in the blasted doorways, utterly and invariably blocking the only egress as well as any line if sight to some other location to which a move command would work.

A reliable option or ability for the player to force their thralls/pets to move without having to use the guard/follow cycle would be appreciated.

Hi friend, i agree i could do that, in the case with the horse though, it sometimes blocks like 90% of your vision so as soon as you hit an angle the horse just blocks you from moving further than an inch in terms of placement.(when it happened to me in another sitiuation i was inside my base and there was already an army of t4 thralls everywhere close to where i was stuck so i was not able to place them anywhere else - in this instance i did commit suicide) And i am often stuck in places like the unnamed city where u cannot place any thralls anywhere (as far as im aware you cannot place thralls in controlled zones) which is why i feel it wouldnt hurt or change much for you to be able to punt your own thralls with an existing action like modifying the kick, or just have an ability like unstuck in the options where it teleports you to where you were 30 seconds ago.

Ah, I forget, though I try not to, that I generally game on a modded server. One mod reduces placement restrictions so that it is possible to set a thrall to guard in many places and ways the default game will not.

For instance, I was annoyed that vanilla thralls have a minimum 2-3 meter buffer zone around them that prevents other thralls from being set within.

So, apologies for not realizing that part of your issue.

I still agree with your original request though. I also feel that the thralls should not insert themselves into the players personal space. A unique command to ‘back off!’ would help immensely regardless of placement restrictions… so long as it is NOT tied to the same single one button (does not) fit all as all the other actions. Tired of picking up rocks when trying to get a thrall to attack, or opening the thrall inventory when trying to get it to move (away).

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