Thrall drag needs tossed

The thrall drag is rather wonky. It also is a poor way to move a human quickly.
We are all strong barbarians in the game, an over the shoulder carry makes more sense.
A quick take a knee animation, that you already have for thralls on campfire and such, to tie the hands and feet. Then dropping them makes sense when needing your hands for actions.


I wouldn’t mind something like this because of the fact that the thrall will out of know where just fall into the ground if you release them or just fly into the air when you try to grab them again. I think that is insane.


It’s also kinda buggy, just now I was dragging a blacksmith from blackhand ship. Then a rocknose attacked me on the way, so I pressed the hotkey for weapon, after I killed the rocknose, the unconscious thrall was nowhere to be found.

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100% support this

And i bet you that you can’t see him but let a random guy run by he is gonna be like oh snaps a random uncouncious thrall waiting for me to take home. WIN WIN and a LOSE LOSE for you. SMH simply stuff can turn into a really big hassle. They don’t understand a 15 min run with a thrall really was 30 mins or more because i had to get to where the thrall was originally. SMH oh well lol hard times.