Devastating Waste of Time Twice today - Thrall Drag Bugs

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Logged on today and went to sinner refuge while my base is in the far north biome. Got a thrall unconscious and dragged him all the way north (keep in mind I had to ride all the way south just to get him). Got all the way back to my camp and he got stuck under my stable so that when I got off my horse he was just gone. Wow…that sux.

Okay, whatever, these things happen. Let’s go do it again. Went all the way south, got another thrall named from Sinners dragging him all the way to my base. Got off my mount and he fell through the earth disappearing into the abyss.

Total time wasted (I mean really wasted) over an hour.

Please correct thrall drag issues. Explain why I have to drop the rope when I get off the horse please? Very frustrating for a game that has been out for quite a while now.


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Dragging thralls
  2. EIther get stuck under things in your base, or they somehow get dropped below game plain and fell to nowhere, unrecoverable when being dragged back to base.
  3. Get the thralls to stop going through things including the earth. Let them bounce off stuff and go over it instead. Make it impossible for them to be lost over things like a collision or lack thereof.

For the specific case where the thrall “falls into the earth “ I’ve usually been able to run away (out of render range) and then run back and find the Thrall where it disappeared.

But yes, for a game that’s three years old these kinds of bugs should be worked out.


Or relog, that usually works for me.


I do not want to act like a smarta$$.

I am amazed how you did not experienced this bug before. Like an year ago this was happening a lot more often then it is now(on Siptah i am yet to see this happening), but unfortunately the above 2 workarounds are the only thing that can help.

And, why would you go all the way Down to the sinner’s refuge? New Asagarth and The Burial Mounds are better place to gather named thralls, as you mentioned that you are located in the far north.

I mean, you kinda choose alone to waste your time by going so far to only come back with a thrall. Why not take a wheel with you and place it somewhere near the Sinners area?

Also you should be happy that the game stopped you from wasting even more time(case for fighter thralls only). You would have waited around 1 day for the thrall to be converted, then spend another few hours on leveling it…only to see him Perking with negative stats.

I’m sorry to say but what you experienced was nothing close to devastating.

  • Always look on the bright side of Life * Mounty Pythoon

I have koshed many, many, Many thralls and dragged them away to a lifetime of servitude. Some of the ingrates have cunningly broken the leash and snuck (is that a word?) away, which was particularly vexing when I’d had captured Fia (game version, not the Mod person - as She is very very scary and Should Not Be Messed With (ever)!)

I have had thralls-to-be break and run, dash and leap off cliffs, disappear when being dragged across rivers, and just because they could I guess. It happens.

But, as the hordes I have in cold storage pending a Purge, the majority do not. I don’t think I have had thralls-to-be bouncing along behind the horse going all ‘mole’ on me too often, but then sometimes I guess there are those lag zones over underground lairs that the server doesn’t catch up with and it’s bye bye times. Occasionally I have backtracked and found the luckless thrall lying in a ditch way-a-ways back, but some are gone for good.

The fact that so many thralls get to walk the wheel of pain vs the ones that ‘dash for freedom’ shows the system works. It even works when dragging behind a mount. It does make me vexed when it happens. Funnily enough, it has never happened when I am walking (encumbered) and dragging victim. #cromworksinmysteriousways

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Dragging thralls has some very annoying bugs, but fortunately they can mostly be worked around. I drag a lot of thralls and consistently get them home safe.

  • Always keep an eye on your rope while riding horse - if the thrall drops you will no longer see the rope trailing out behind you. If the thrall drops curse Funcrom and try to retrace your steps and find the invisible bag of flesh camouflaged into the landscape. The re-floopity-flop animation that happens when you leave and return into range can be a great help.
  • When you are ready to get off your horse come to a complete stop and look at the thrall. Wait for the thrall to stop bouncing around/freaking out and come to a complete rest on the ground.
  • Make sure you are looking at the thrall on the ground while you dismount
  • Dismount and pick up your thrall


or go out of render distance and return, solves it.

it was also possible to drag a thrall and use a maproom with the thrall in the rope, (just be careful you dont hit E , or else you will never find it)


I can confirm this as a workaround. If the knocked out ‘future employee’ disappears by falling through the ground or something similar, just go out of rendering range and come back. If that doesn’t work, a quick re-log will put them back on the surface. Same with ones that you haven’t dragged anywhere yet that seem to mysteriously disappear, out of rendering range or re-log.

I was under the impression (and could be totally wrong on this) that being able to drag a thrall while on a horse wasn’t really an intended feature, but is more like when you used to be able to take thralls through map rooms.

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quite intended, it was even showcased during past livestream

Cool. Thanks for the clarification.

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