I've now lost 4 thralls while dragging them home to my wheel

Game mode: official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

I have lost several thralls while transporting them home (dragging them on my chain). All of them have been named thralls, and some of them have really “hurt”.
I have lost 4 thralls while dragging them. Here are the 3 different ways I’ve lost them:

  1. I’ve lost 2 thralls at the wheel - I dragged them home, no problem, but when I got them to the wheel, and I entered “E” on my keyboard to enter the wheel’s inventory, the thrall was nowhere to be seen - and, when exiting the wheel’s inventory, they had disappeared entirely.

  2. I have lost 1 thrall while swimming, and hitting a rock when coming out of the water onto a beach. I was holding down “shift” (to start running immediately when hitting dry land), and since the pebble was in the way, I started climbing, just for a second. This made me lose the chain to my thrall, and since she was in the water, she disappeared entirely.

  3. I have lost 1 thrall to a demon Hyena that was following me. Apparently the Hyena attacked and killed the thrall I was dragging behind me.

A friend of mine has told me, that he (several times) has lost a thrall due to him/her falling through the ground after knocking him/her unconscious.

Losing a thrall that you FINALLY manage to find is a real kick int he teeth!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Knock out the thrall you’ve been looking for for months
  2. lose the thrall due to some weird bug
  3. take your rage out on your family
  4. Serve 3 consecutive lifetimes in jail for several counts of first degree murder.
  5. Live with the fact that no one comes to visit you in jail - well, you’ve killed them all, haven’t you?

I’ve not personally seen the 3 situations you described, although I’ve lost my share of thralls to accidentally climbing, etc. For the thralls falling through the ground, often I find that if you leave the area (render distance) then come back, the thrall will pop back above ground. I do that often in New Asagarth when thralls fall through the floor and I can’t loot them.


Hi there, Maedhros - thanks for your reply!

After reading your message, I logged back into the game - and, lo and behold, my thrall had actually reappeared, just as you predicted!

He was floating in the air, his body half-way integrated into the wheel of pain - so i had to dismantle the wheel (!) to get to interact with him. I then put him in my second wheel of pain, no problem there.

Yeah … the bugs in this game are so freaky, it’s exciting to see what you get each time you log in!

The thralls used to be “less sticky” when they bugged like that. I believe a player actually figured out what happened to thralls that were randomly lost, or fell through the world. They eventually ended up at 0,0,0 coords, a sort of “nexus” just east of The Breach up in the highlands near New Asagarth. They would fall from the sky, and drop down to their death. :rofl:

At least now when they bug, they usually anchor to the spot where you lost them - albeit sometimes invisible. The relog will work to make them reappear. Or, leaving rendering distance.

Unfortunately the relog method doesn’t work for single-player/co-op because the entire server is shutdown.

My experience is that it does work in single player. When I relog often I do find dropped thralls. The dead bodies that got in my way are still there. I don’t play co-op, but assume the same appies.

Ciero, try it once when you kill a mob in the wild. Dungeons often return you to the entrance, so that would not work.

Good luck !



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I have fished them out of the water a few times.

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I’ve never done that, 4/0 hook?



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