Thralls falling through floor, post 27/04

Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: N/A


After the 27/04/2018 patch, one of the problem that had been addressed, i.e. captured thralls falling through the floor, has actually become worse. Before that I used to lose thralls at the moment they were knocked out. As has been suggested here, I’d run away a bit then come back, and they’d reappear on the surface, then I’d merrily drag them to my base.

After the 27/04/2018 patch they still manage to fall through the floor sometimes, but now every thrall I capture manages to disappear while I am dragging it. It would just sink into the ground and get stuck there, pulling on the rope has no effect, it clearly shows it is still attached but way below, and running away does not bring them back to the surface as it used to.

I lost 4 out of 4 while dragging this evening, tried two different routes between the Pirate Ship and my base, same thing, it’s not just this one spot. I think I’m done capturing thralls for the week-end.

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Unconscious thralls continue to fall through the floor on XBOX1. You have to walk a far distance away for it to appear where you knocked it unconscious.

Like I said, it still happens on the PC as well. Plus, after the 27/04 patch, they are now starting to fall through the ground when being dragged, with, at least on my PC, a 100% consistency.

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It would be better if they just let us carry thralls over the shoulder, even at the expense of not being able to run. No more worrying about terrain. You’d still need a rope to keep him tied up or he’d fall.

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This will be investigated very soon.

They still fall when taken up an elevator as well

I managed to get 4 yesterday from the Ruins of Merayah on the left to the wheel of pain to the right, lucky I got my base so close to a camp.

But anything farther and they manage to fall through.

I am thinking of planting a wheel by the pirate ship, not sure how far it should be though, not to depopulate the camps.

Works. I’ve built a Wheel of Pain in view of the Pirate Ship with some stairs leading down, and it is close enough for the thralls not to fall down, and far enough for the camp to respawn:

Might be worth a try as a temp solution, if you don’t mind the resources, or are playing in SP and don’t mind spawning stuff to compensate for game bugs. So rainy week-end not completely lost :).

i have a wheel of pain as close to the stygian city as i can get it and i still cant get a thrall to it before it disappears. I wish single player didn’t auto update. it worked just fine before the patch

Captured thralls keeps “falling in the ground” when the route to the wheel of pain is long.
there is not a particular condition. Happened both in the desert or near the savana; using an elevator or jumping down a cliff.
Of course building wheels near the camps is a turnaround, but not the solution.

Thralls falling through the floor while I am dragging.

I’ve had the same problem, hope it gets fixed soon.

It’s quite amusing in some way. That place where I put the wheel to the North of the Pirate ship, it is enough for me to drag thralls captured up to the bridge leading to the ship. I got three thralls from around this bridge entrance. Then I knocked out one on the bridge itself, like 10 meters away from the start of the bridge, and it disappeared into the ground about half way to the wheel, not a few meters before.

I really hope we get a hotfix for this before release. I don’t know about the others, but for me, currently, capturing thralls is a huge part of the game.

this bug really never got crushed eh, always came back in some form or an other! its sad, i find it one of the cool things conan has. just like i liked the arrows on string to slow and knock out creatures in dark & light. its special and different like most games do it.
BUt yea back to topic, i really really hope they crush this bug before release, i see many people get really frustrated if they lose a thrall like that. i know i get frustrated and usually quit the game for a few hours / days, its not that i can’t “cheat” in SP i just don’t want to do it. (not that i never do it, i just hate doing it :wink: )

I play on pc if you relog after the thrall falls into the ground he will be there when you log in

It seems like it could be based on specific areas of the map. Because I can’t get thralls to get through the exact same place as you.

I’ve already reported this in another thread (with the coordinates) and the devs said they were looking into this issue. So hopefully this should be sorted out soon. :slight_smile:

Can confim it happens alot on SP PC too.

For what it is worth, I always make note of the thrall type before I drag, now, and if they drop into the ground, I admin spawn another one, knock them out again, and keep dragging.


Genius! I didn’t want to look too deep into the admin menu for fear it would give me bad ideas and then ruin the game, but apparently I should have looked to that part where one can spawn NPCs :). Thanks!