Put them on your shoulder. Carry knocked out thralls

Ok this mostly bugs me because the current system of dragging an unconscious person tends to bug out and fall through the terrain or do other weird things.

Most of my issues seem to stem from the bindings breaking, not at 0 durability at like 50% and then there is no body at all for me to rebind or subdue.

What I propose is that the bindings are (at least until we fix the terrain issue) only used to bind the hands and feet, after that you are given the option to either drag the person or carry them on your shoulder. It doesn’t make sense that I can carry enough wood and rocks to make build a building or a giant structure like an altar or wheel of pain but I have to drag a person behind me.

Currently when you drag someone your off hand is used up so you can’t use a torch (why not? put the torch in the other hand), a shield, or a two handed weapon without letting go of the bindings. All I suggest is that instead of dragging the thrall to be you have them over your shoulder and you need to hold them with one arm to keep them from falling off.

Well you are carrying them you can move at the encumbered movement rate or if you have momentum the normal rate. You can try to move faster if you sprint and use stamina.

Now instead of the bindings wearing out from dragging the durability represents the person being carried struggling against the bindings. If you repair the bindings you are preventing them from breaking free, but if you don’t when the binding breaks then you need to subdue the person again only this time they have no weapons because why would you let them still have their stuff (you don’t get their gear it just prevents them from using it).

Obviously using better bindings reduces the chance of breakage and the durability as really who is going to break chains without leverage well on someones back.

You can carry broken thralls for like 50 weight so don’t tell me that you can’t lift them no one in the exiled lands is direly in need of a diet.