No torch for taking home thralls

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[Why is it that I cannot drag a thrall whilst having a torch out? if this mechanic isn’t in the game that’s rather embarrassing, I don’t want to be stranded in the dark]


I wish too
What i do sometimes is to wear an axe named Glimmermoon in the right hand, it glows :slight_smile:

It’s a coding issue. Weapons and other hand-held equipment is programmed to use a specific hand. In this case the binding rope and torch are both used by the left hand. If either item was reprogrammed to use the right hand, your character couldn’t carry a weapon.

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You don’t need to carry a weapon and a rope at the same time.

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True, you don’t need to carry both simultaneously. However, if you’re dragging a potential thrall through unfriendly territory, it’s better to have a weapon than a torch.

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That is completely and totally wrong.

Well then generally speaking it is better than a torch. I’ve saved myself, and future thralls, several times with just an iron axe.

You’re better off running away. Trying to fight while dragging a thrall is a bad idea. A light source at night is infinitely more useful than a weapon.

Running is an option I suppose.

Out of curiosity, which of the following two options do you find more important?

  1. Dragging a thrall at night with a torch.
  2. Harvesting at night with a torch.

It would be interesting to see what other people would choose, but that’s a poll for a different thread.

This one.


Concur with Aria. I can, and have, dropped the thrall, equipped my pike, kill, then reacquire the thrall.

Sometimes they dip below the surface (another bug), but I have yet to lose one under those circumstances.




I have done the same except with a greatsword when just running past isn’t an option.

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All they need to do is make bindings a main hand item. There is no reason for them to be an offhand item.


I agree somehow to this, but it depends on the build also, i was thinking, there are nightvision potion and masks so i guess that too must be taken into consideration

If there were an easy way to get them maybe, but there isn’t. Maybe if the werewolf-looking NPC sold night vision potions for a silver coin or the mask were a common drop from Dafari, then they would be worth considering, but that isn’t the case.


Can you place the altar close to an already placed Altar?

I also thought you had to complete the dungeon to learn the religion, and the final boss of it was not easy.

Really ? :eyes:

I was happy more than one time to have my weapon at hand while draging home my thralls. While you can mostly waite it’s not to dark, waiting will not despawn the ennemis on the road, they may ever grow in number over time. :wink:

Sure, the torch while draging a slave home was asked since EA. But still if i have to choice, i chose the weapon insteed.

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The issue is when you find an amazing thrall by chance or respawn farming, and by the time you get them knocked out it’s already dark.

If you run into an enemy, it’s just easier to sprint around them and keep going. If it were something like a cave tunnel, and you can’t get around them otherwise, you can just let go of the rope for a few seconds, dispatch them, then grab the rope again. This also saves rope durability.

Leroy this is recurring topic which a number of members such as myself have raised multiple times, and to me is the Quality of Life improvement which got away. There have been a number of alternate solutions proposed in the past, such as this one from my first suggestions list:

9. Radium Gem as Portable Lighting:
It would be highly beneficial if we could forge a helmet or crown (similar to the Atlantean Crown) with a radium gem mounted into it (or on the bracelet) to serve as a source of light in the dark. This would make life sooo much easier when dragging a captured thrall back to ones base at night time. You wouldnt believe the number of times I have literally ran straight of a cliff, and plummeted to my ultimate demise! This would leave both hands free.

I think that the reluctance may stem from concerns that the Torch wil become redundant. If we could craft a Circlet/Mask/Helmet with a Radium Gem mounted into it, which could be readily equipped much like the Sandstorm Mask. This would free up both hands and leave their current allocations unchanged. I proposed that the trade off would be that the Radium Gem would give corruption while worn. Furthermore, this would actually be accurate to their item description:

The product of a science long vanished in the ancient past, these gems seem to glow indefinitely when activated. There is a cost, however, as those who use the Radium Gems seem to slowly lose their grip on sanity, whispering to themselves of green stoned cities and the nameless horrors that stalk them.