Thrall Carry Torch please

yea title says it all, would be cool feature, easy to add.


Agreed, thralls bearing torches would be a nice QoL.

Not a perfect solution, but if you can find a forgelight, glimmermoon, or other legendary weapons which glow can help a a bit
This one is not certain if it works the same for thralls, but even when the glowing weapon is on the back it sheds light.

They should just add a belt attached lantern or something. We have glow sticks and light sources that aren’t fire so I feel like it wouldn’t be a stretch to add a light source you can wear on your character at all times without using your hands.

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Thralls can hold torches just put on their none combat hand and they would hold it.


But unless you mod it, they will stow the torch as soon as a combat is ended.

I have to go with them on this one, it would be nice to those who dont use mods to simply get a check that if it is a torch that you put on the thrall right hand, it should keep holding it until commanded otherwise.

To me, it does not matter because I have modded it on my game ages ago.

They was used to hold the torches in the past, i think that since the sheathed weapons they lost this ability

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U have put in left hand the off hand they hold torch till it burns out. As long u give one handed weapon they won’t put torch down.

Maybe it’s intended that they can’t, to make darkness more difficult? Like, you can’t use a glowing weapon like Forgelight or whatever on your back if you’re dragging a thrall. As soon as you grab the rope, the weapon disappears from your back, so that must be deliberate.

I agree thralls should be able to carry torches though. They’re meant to be sidekicks or servants and “torchbearer” is a sidekick’s job if ever there was one.

I just have my dog carry 30 lbs of night-eye potions…then you’ve got a slot freed up plus the wood and plant to repair it often.

You keep repeating it, but if you go and try it in game, it does not work. Always you get in combat, when you leave combat, they stow the torch. Always. IT wont change if you repeat it no matter how many times.

I’d like to see something like this. Maybe with some alchemical glowy goo instead of open flame (which tends to be a bad idea in mineshafts). And of course, if it could be combined with a sandstorm/gas mask, it would be great for thralls. And why not players too.

Not that I’d be opposed to a belt slot light source, either.

Equip and sheath the glimmermoon axe or a forgelight mace, it will have a similar effect. Not a great source of light but you will and have both hands free to climb.

Just to add assault to injury, you know there is the code for a “torch bearer” in the game while it is not a thing in the game itself. right ?


thx. lol.

Better one is the jedias greater saber.
Ita enough to had it on the back and you are a wandering torch. your thrall too

Only because it can ignite explosive gas.

Would be an interesting feature if a mining helmet automatically exploded nearby toxic gas clouds. Explosions hurt, but unexploded gas could potentially hurt even more if running away isn’t an option.

Actually… now that I think about it, torches should automatically explode gas clouds too…

Guild Wars 2 style AoE and Single Target combo effects.
That would be the end of some pvp styles of playing.

I hate that they dont, and they also can’t warm you up in the cold…

good tip, I just wanted to give my thrall a torch for ascetic.

I believe they do, the effect is just not very large.