Remind me again about why...shields and torches question

Forgot why a shield cannot be dyed. What was the reason for not implementing this as an another armor dye item?

Why can’t we pull a thrall along and carry a torch at night? - what was the problem with coding this?


I haven’t tried it lately, but I thought thralls with torches did work? Did you try it with all three torches, Improvised, regular, and Glowing Stick? I was pretty sure I’d seen screenshots of at least one of those working as you’d expect.

Or did the recent change where thralls only show their weapons while in combat break that?

I agree shields would benefit from being dyed but I don’t see any real need to carry a torch while dragging thralls as players only have two hands after all.
Well maybe a separate craft-able torch in the torturers bench would be good. Maybe a small lamp or something that is carried instead of a weapon in the right hand.
That way they just need to add an item that lights up the area without re coding the torches or the ropes etc.

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I know this isn’t the best solution, but there’s a legendary mace that glows.


Thralls holding torches works if you manually place it in their hand. I don’t know what happens in/after combat though because I’ve only used it a couple of times on late night resource gathering runs. Also they’re not much use when you’re running around because they’re too far behind.

You want illumination while pulling a thrall on the rope, you can do what @Rorik says. If I’m thralling at night I bring a high-level duder to follow, and make him carry a torch. Not the best, but it’ll keep you from a Mounds misstep. Put a buff on your thrall’s torch for tons of extra time on the glowstick!

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When something is so brilliantly simple that you face-palm.
“Why didn’t I think of that?”

There’s also a greatsword :grinning:
Edit: a bit hard to drag a thrall whilst holding a 2-h weapon though. It also sounds like a light saber (Star Wars) when you swing it. It’s a bit hilarious… And weird at the same time

Jedais Greatsaber, cheeky much?

Speaking of Joel, he did say we might be getting personal lanterns soon, and on a subsequent (to that discussion) stream, Jens Erik said something about belt lanterns. :0

Oh, I would be so happy not only being able to dye shields, but all kinds of weapons and tools as well… :star_struck:

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The mace I think is a two handed weapon. - I have one in a chest if that’s the one people are talking about

When dragging a bound thrall you cannot use a torch on official servers and I am wondering what the reason was to not change this. It was mentioned in early in EA this was an issue but I forget why it could not be implemented. I mean we got back being able to run with a bound thrall.

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