The Binding Stacks

Ever knock out a couple enemies and want to take them all with you instead of going back and forth to ge them?
Introducing Binding Stacks! They can stack up to a certain amount depending on the tier of the binding.
Though with this, you’ll end up adding to your encumbrance some, dragging multiple people behind you. So be prepared!
But I want to share this with everyone. I think it’d be pretty neat.

It would be very usefull, but also very unrealistic and anti-immersive for me.

Honestly I already dislike the fact you’re able to RUN while dragging a people behind you like its weigh was 0.

The best solution, for me, will be an animal drawn wagon with a big cage to store unconscious captured peoples and take them to the wheel.

It will be cool, but it would require big changes to implement I think.


That’s really a great idea. It would give this feature a tactical quality. :+1:


I’m afraid it could requires too many changes to see it in game.

Because to work it requires a way to transfer stunned people from the cage to the wheel of pain.

It requires mechanics… so it would be not a little thing to develop.

But yes, it would be sooo cool :star_struck:


Say no more. If players could be thralled as well (with proper rules in place), this would mean that I could end up riding such wagon too. Cool! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Like in Skyrim.


Maybe have some escape possibility for players, but only if the chains and the cage door are busted somehow. Maybe have a mini-game involved to incentivise the context. :thinking:


It seems a great idea for a phone app game too :laughing::+1::star_struck:

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An Escape Cage: Barbarian Edition. :joy:

Just 4,95 €


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