Let us bind captives to our horses

It would save allot of time and effort on longer distance thrall collections, and even allow us to collect more than one per trip,


I would also like to be able to drag thralls while mounted


Now that would be fun. Agreed!


Completely agree.

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I do believe I’ve heard them say they want to do this. This aspect would save horses for me.

Love this idea.

Yes yes yes yes, want this yesterday.

Devs did say that they wanted this. On the live stream they also say they are trying to get this to work right. Bindings are kind of wacky but if it’s possible they will do it.


Just let us throw them over the saddle. That would avoid any physics/ragdoll weirdness, and it would be an actual incentive to use a mount since it would free our off hand and eliminate the possibility of losing a thrall when traversing a maproom.


Also there’s that thing where dragging someone behind a galloping horse would probably leave them in a state where pushing a big wheel around in circles isn’t really an option. :wink:


Man, some of those saddles look painful.

This is a good idea. I can imagine that dragging a captive while you are on horseback would make some crazy slingshot out of the bindings given this games physics.


Trall could collect Manure and put it in Compost Heap. But I think a new Placeable Item like a Manure Pile that made Compost and stuff.

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