Mount With Slavery


i would like to be able to drag slaves behind my horse. is it planned or is it possible?

Have a good day.

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Nice idea but unfortunately Better Thralls mod already does this however the game engine spazzes out and causes the person knocked out to get under meshed randomly which wastes all of your time.

I want to be able to drag the unconcious npcs with a rope behind my back while riding my horse.

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I see the attraction of being able to drag potential new employees while on horseback. Unfortunately, we can’t use mods on the official servers, no matter how good they are. It would be nice to see this addressed for use on the official servers.


Just wow,
i hope the “woke” PC police dont get wind of this, they will roast funcom alive.

just sayin, cause this has happened, in the not so distant past.

(trivia: they used this clip, unaltered, and as far as I can tell completely without irony in both “Deathstalker (1983)” AND its sequel ('87), it made sense in the original, none whatsoever in the sequel)


Putting them over back of horse would be nice.

Be easy way to store one, have horse follow you home, as you drag a 2nd behind. XD


This game is getting more Gorean every day :smiley:

Yeah that was one of the things I liked about RDR2! Loading up both your horse and follower horses with deer and riding all the way back home was so cool. I love the way rockstar just has that logic unfortunately the game got boring at the end racking up so much bounty and they wouldn’t even let you play high stakes poker to pay it all off. Like cmon if I didn’t win I just killed everybody anyway! :crazy_face:

Needs to be fast travel for it.

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