Thralls and horses

Now I could be wrong here as I personally have never ridden a horse but surely once I’ve knocked out a thrall I should be able to either tie the rope to the saddle so the thrall is dragged behind or throw the unconscious body over the back of my horse. I understand the throw over the back of the horse may not be easy to do but being dragged behind should be easy.

Secondly I may just be stupid but is it possible to get into your horse inventory whilst on horseback? If not that would be really handy.

I named my horse Glue, as that is his very near future.

Dragging thralls while mounted was my last hope to possibly get any kind of use from the mounts, after they announced that you couldn’t bring a fighter with you and couldn’t sprint while encumbered. It’s almost like they sat down and figured out any possible way that a mount could provide any kind of use to a player, then systematically eliminated each one.


I know right? Why would I want to use a horse at all?

You also can get faster anywhere you want, if you not are a Alpha clan with x maprooms around the world.

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