Suggestion: Ability to capture and escape of player

I would like to suggest one crazy idea. I understand possibility that many people will not like it. This is just suggestion. In Arc there is such an opportunity. However, perhaps devs had such ideas.

Can you do so that the player could be stunned by another player, dragged as a slave to his base, to tied up and put in a cage. I saw in the game a lot of cages in the npc cities. A captured and bound player can to escape if he breaks the ropes, for this he will need use stamina and strength. The more strength and stamina has player, the faster the player will be able to escape.


I strongly agree with this idea, though other players have disagreed with it in the past.

So long as there are adequate means of escape (as well as having the option to ‘remove your bracelet’ thus causing your player to suicide), then I feel this would not only fit the theme of the game, but also be a lot of fun.

The main objection that I’ve heard has been that it is not fun to be the one who is captured.

If players can escape, and if they have a duration of time that they can run around before being caught again, then I think that this mechanic would be great. If you are caught, and manage to free yourself, you can punch your captors in the face, attempt to steal weapons and such, and give yourself a fighting chance.

Another issue is that players who don’t have weapons have no method of escaping from inside a base. If another player locks you in a jail cell, what then? Your only option is suicide, and that is too bleak. But the game itself is bleak, and grim, and harsh. To die, locked away in a cell, is just another way to die, after all.

I’m for it.

I do not agree. Not matter how many opportunities to escape there are this is too susceptible to griefing. Any moment I am not in control of my character is negative time. The longer this lasts the worse it is. Such features need to be of such short duration it is not even worth implementing. Even the time it takes to respawn from death is too long for some players. This kind of feature is better implemented as a mod that servers can opt-in to.

I agree. The griefing potential and loss of character control would just be frustrating for players on the losing end. I can imagine my game crashing and then finding my character in a cage when I log in-- I’ve literally seen this exact thing happen on Ark. When something would make me want to quit the game even faster, it’s probably a bad idea.

It seems to me that the devs thought about this idea. In the messages of the devs, various sacrifices were mentioned. Perhaps you remember the trailer, where near the altar of Set hung captives. Perhaps my proposal is much less than the idea that the devs had in plans.

It seems cruel. However, the player in relation to the slaves is also cruel. The world of Conan is a cruel world. The player makes from npc of slaves. Why would not a player feel this condition on himself? I would also add opportunity for the npc to stun and captivate of the players. Fortunately, the player always has the opportunity to escape.

So I get stunned, captured and slaved by another player? Can’t play then let’s say for half an hour or 1 hour. Okay, I certainly will remove my bracelet then :angel:

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Well, this is a game. People don’t play it to feel the harsh yoke of slavery. The play it to have fun. I can sit there and watch someone drags my chatacter around for 30 minutes or I can do anything else. It takes a special player to “have fun” watching helplessly as they cannot do anything. If such a feature did exist, most players would just despawn so that they could get back to playing. It would render the feature irrelevant and therefore not worth implementing.

I dislike getting caught like that but still…

Maybe applying that rope to bind something should be like some consumable, leaving a debuff on that player.
Duration without the struggle could alter between 15 to 60 mins, also player inventory should not be accessible -> that way, the captured guy would usually get captured with all his gear on, not allowing access on those. New ropes to hold that one captive for longer duration should only be able to be used on the victims after the old one got used up. Making the capturers vulnerable.
Still, that 15 to 60 min should be lowered by the struggling you mentioned.
Also since one would keep whole inventory while being captured, the captured player would still pose some danger.

I can imagine that to turn out being fun.
Also, that way captured players arent the ones to simply give up on the game because they got caught and never will be free again.

As how it works… Cages could be working like wheels, applying that consumable rope to hinder them from moving, then drag them with the usual thrall-slaving rope to the cage, accessing it which would put the player into the cage?
Also cages should not only be vulerable to any tier of weapon/dmg, but also decay over time while someone is being held captive.

Yes. I am in the favor of the captive to give him more chances to get out again.
I would think of this feature not having any use aside of being mean to a player. (Eighter trolling or have the whole server try and force that guy to stop with whatever behaviour was unwanted. Thus the whole capture thing would be good on pve as well.)
Oh. Those consumable ropes should be able to be applied on both logged out and stunned players.

Also if struggling out of the rope needs to be done with strenght (what about archers? why not agility or plain grit instead?) I think 50 of that stat would reduce the time left down to 10%, making 60 min ropes to be broken in 6 min.

But overall I too think, this kind of feature will be used for griefing (only).

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