Follower Stun bomb

Pvp is becoming non existent. Its turned into let me run around and wait for followers to get the kills
And not me. Our crew has had several fun battles against other clans. An idea would be to create something that would temporary stun all followers in the vicinity of a battle activated by either sides but affects all who are in the area, crippling all nearby followers for a few minutes this way fights can take place between player vs player not Ai vs Player. PVP. It could be like a horn or a whistle that can only be activated once every hour by a clan but only affects all nearby followers for lets say 10 minutes.

What about offline raiding? A base with only thralls defending it would be basically defenseless.

Thralls don’t help much with offline raiding anyway other than making it take longer and making it more annoying. I’d like offline raid protection like in Ark, but it would have to be balanced with playtime. Like if you have less than an hour of playtime in the last 7 days your ORP is shut off. That way it doesn’t become another way for people to build then leave their s*** everywhere.

For a stun bomb item, something that stuns only followers and doesn’t affect players seems really, really gamey. When you’re fighting, nothing is stopping you from jumping in with the thralls to fight. People run around and let the thralls do the fighting because they don’t want to die and they’re scared to fight. It isn’t much different than the people that used to run around with no armor on for speed and just come up, poke you, then roll away and run circles. It’s gaming the system and being a p*ssy. Changing something else isn’t going to fix that, people will always find a way to game the system.

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