Allow us to knock out players and hand cuff them or take their loot

I like both of your opinions there are pros and cons to it but how will we know if it’s valid or invalid if it was never implemented plus they have the power to need or change if it goes bad they can even remove it if it becomes that bad there is always a solution to a problem

I dont support it for the reasons you provided. I support it because its a logical defensive advantage. I dont roleplay. They could easily add it and give the player a way to break free such as a mini game lockpicking thing or like in Ark )eating your own poop).

Will people abuse it? Sure. Jagoffs will always be jagoffs and will find a way to abuse anything. As ive already pointed out.

Lore wise it also makes sense. You are an exile. Those thrall you capture are exiles. Why are they vulnerable and not you.

Sooo with a few minor adjustments to the knock out effect (which i dont think conan even has for players) this could be made into a valid option with minimal troll ability. imo.

Nah In ark they used it to restrain griefers mostly like if a troll or griefer joined the server they ganged on the griefer and captivated them

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Yea but as a safety feature so low level players don’t get trolled or you can’t just capture anyone they should make it mutual damage like one player has to initiate a fight with you then you could knock out that player or if they damage your base

Ouch. that concept made Fallout76 a joke. We arnt seriously suggesting that here are we? PVP is a mutual agreement already. You agree when you log in. A prompt or an initial attack recreates the Fo76 pvp joke.

It’s not a valid option in any sense of the word.

Especially if it takes multiple RL days of being logged out in order to die and free yourself from the jagoffs abusing the system. Not to mention if you aren’t part of a group, you are essentially having your entire property undefended for days at a time.

So the griefers get a chance to go through and destroy your stuff and loot as they wish.

The only scenario that would come of this is people being driven away from the game by the jagoffs abusing it.

There is no way for this to be done, as written in this thread, where it would be a benefit to the player base as a whole. It only benefits the griefers.


the only way to accomplish this is tho make the trudgeon more powerful than a spear. IF you are using current animation, hitting with a trudgeon is dodgey at best. So while you try to align yourself close enough, you would have been poked twice minimum to your lucky strike. So making the trudgeon way more powerful than the spear is acceptable, but bringing any other weapon up in damage/attack speed to counter it is “nerfing” the spear. don’t get it. Plus, you would have to remove the “remove bracelet” function in order for me to be captive until you see fit (which is a very trollish take on it).

And @kevbal, you state it would be a PVP tactic to defend against raiding, yet a comment say that by not having it you are not taking into account the other 2/3–Actually 1/2, as PVE has no combat damage player wise, so this is moot in their realm unless you change their game to some sort of hybrid.

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Ok check it. Dont bother replying if you cant be bothered to read the entire post. Funcom can make it crybaby proof.

Yeah sorry the 2/3 pop was regarding all the other great stuff that funcom has given us that were used to troll the players. Yet we are having an argument that this can only be used to troll when thats just not the case. My wording was off a bit. Got trapped in a ramble :stuck_out_tongue:

I also dont think the trugen would need buffed. I mean they could if they wanted to. Or if your thralls are working as they should just give them all one and watch the madness as 4 thralls beat the invader until knocked out hahahah

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We don’t need QTE crap added. That has to be the cheapest gameplay mechanic ever devised.

If it’s lockpicking like Skyrim or Thief, then it would require a lockpick skill, which takes away even more of our attribute points for something that is highly situational.

And the whole “eat your crap and die” thing in Ark, honestly makes me feel like the dev team for Ark are a bunch of juveniles at best. It’s unnecessary and nonsensical.

But sure, you want to make these arguments, let’s make them.

  1. To be able to lockpick, you are required to have tools. Where are you going to stash your tools on a character that is taken prisoner, and all their gear removed by the captors?

  2. To be able to use a lockpick, your hands have to be free. If your hands are free, you should be allowed to remove your bracelet and just escape that way. Back to trolling/griefing by locking out the ability to remove the bracelet.

  3. Let’s say your hands are free, and you smuggled in a lockpick set up your butt, since that’s practically the only way you are going to have one in a prison cell to begin with. If you can escape this fast and easily, what is the point of all this in the first place?

Why waste the dev teams time and effort to fix up a knockout weapon, add in some sort of prison, remove the ability to take off your bracelet (but only while imprisoned and not the rest of the time), add in a new lockpick mini-game, (lockpick items, and an inventory slot that is not accessible by any other player to stick the lockpicks, unless we are just going the “pretend I have them” route), also fix the player with some type of gauge that, when depleted, induces the knockout effect for them to be dragged (but then, if mounts cannot take over player movement, how exactly can other players take over our movement?), or else a Mary-Sue method of teleportation that can be enforced on victims via some sort of man-portable device that Exiles can now find and carry around. All so you can capture someone, who escapes five minutes later.

You have to face facts. There are too many inconsistencies and flaws in this idea for it to be viable.

Sure I see the point. But is it logical if you are defending your base to kill a dude thats going to spawn inside his fob and come back? You know that is insane right? We do it because its the options given to us. But if you could stop the attack you would. Yes I am aware that you could nuke the fob as well. Im excluding that for a reason.

As a new player I’m actually surprised this isn’t implemented into the game anyways. There are several ways to make it fair. For (a possibly bad) example add corruption to the one imprisoned so they die in x amount of minutes. Or just add a random timer without corruption. Or, as said before, make it to where you can’t take off the bracelet during the (600 second?) knockout period but allow it when they wake up.

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I agree with the quick re-spawn time when dealing with naked bombers. Maybe, instead bedrolls have decay timer like treb. Every time you use it, it decays. 3 uses for plant fiber, 5 for rawhide, beds 10 .

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Those were just basic alternatives to sitting in a cell knocked out for days. My point was the devs could make up anyway for you to get out. Skies the limit. Think outside the darn box, get creative… They dont have to directly copy another game and they certainly arnt limited to rewriting the same old mechanics. Your logic about being trapped forever is based on the current games mechanics. But Conan doesnt have a knocked out animation for players so who is to say you couldnt just remove your bracelet. Did another poster say that? I sure didnt :slight_smile: You are limiting yourself because you oppose it. Which is fine, whatever. agree to disagree.

Awww see you bit Crysis argument. I wasnt suggesting that at all. I Included that the devs give you a way to break free and included 2 examples but they were not suggestions. I wont play a game where i have to sit in a cell for days until im killed or set free.

But it’s ignoring the fact that some people have limited time to enjoy their game on a daily, or weekly, basis.

If I have 30 minutes to play Conan one evening, and I came online, only to have some jagoff knock me out and stick me in prison, I’m stuck waiting a third of my gameplay time to get out of it.

There is just no reason for it. This is the type of addition that encourages players to leave a game, not stick around for it.

Given the propensity for people to be jagoffs in the first place, it’s not just going to be ONE coming after you. They are going to band together to do it. And unless you constantly are going around the game in groups to defend yourselves, one player alone isn’t going to be able to stand up to multiple others abusing this mechanic.

And if they know where your base is, how hard is it for them to camp out at a door or exit and grief you as soon as the 10 minute timer runs out, and stick you right back in their prison.


Okay, so you just remove your bracelet immediately and get out of captivity.

This reinforces the fact that this is a useless addition to the game. Only the roleplayers are going to camp out in jail, and I honestly doubt even they would.

So you remove your bracelet to kill yourself and be free. You are still dead.

Instead of wasting all the effort in the first place, just KILL them. It’s already in the game and requires no further effort on Funcom’s part.

Again you took an example as a suggestion even though I said… Never mind its not worth it. I dont get paid to write the game for Funcom. As do none of the other suggestors here. If funcom likes a concept they find a way to adapt it in a balanced way. I have every bit of faith in funcoms ability to make this work.

Its also impossible to have a constructive debate that could lead to a game having more content when the only replies are “trolls” “abuse” blahhhhh. Think of ways to make something work that eliminates the troll ability to troll and a whole new and exciting world of mechanics opens up.

Well if the ability to remove your bracelet exists as a means of escape, people are going to use it. That’s just common sense.

The problem is, the idea itself is largely pointless. You imprison them, they suicide and escape. You kill them, they respawn. It’s basically the same thing. The only difference is imprisoning requires a lot more effort on Funcom’s part to make it work.

Time they could be using to implement decent mechanics and content.

I could only imagine explaining something like this to a new player.

A. So you can use these weapons to knockout a player, and these will kill them.

B. What’s the difference?

A. Well, if you knock them out, you get their loot and you can imprison them.

A. If you kill them, you get their loot and they respawn.

B. What happens if I imprison them?

A. They kill themselves and respawn.

B. So…what’s the point of imprisoning them in the first place?

A. Just because.

The entire argument is moot anyways, because Funcom has already rejected this idea, as stated earlier.


So then why bother? If Funcom is a hard NO why would you contribute with your negativity? Why not let those that support it talk about ways it can be used and how it could work? Why waste their time? Why stop them from having fun on the forums? Why, because nothing is ever a hard NO ever. If enough people wanted it it would come. You can deny that all you want but money talks and bs walks.