Tamed thralls on PvE attacking others

Tamed (or enslaved…) thralls, on PvE servers, are killable by other players, and can also be killed by them.

Given the introduction of Purge system (which latest blog post states it “closes the loop for pve players”) it doesn’t make sense that our thralls attack and damage other players, and even less, that the other players can attack and kill them.

Player vs Environment shouldnt have such an appealing Player vs Player (or griefing…) mechanic as it does now. Since you can now try to clean other player’s bases thralls, just so they are unprotected against Purge. So its like they can “summon an avatar”, or at least have a similar effect. On player vs environment servers, hehe.

I hope its not a technical limitation as mounts and the minimum distance unit, and if it was, the least I’d like is them to tell us.

But if so, I’d tag the game, or at least the pve “loop” as broken, and ditch a game where I expect to play for hundreds of hours and get other people involved, so maybe we never know.

But I dont think its fair to keep it like that on release, and just dissimulate. It was acceptable till now, but with Purge system, I will need them, at least to fully enjoy pve, and with players being allowed to kill them, this won’t happen.

I’ve played 400h on Conan Exiles since release, and even without the incentives of giving players a hard time with Purge system, or loot thrall inventories, people usually did that: killing other bases thralls.

And of course I dont talk about leaving them in the open, but if we are required to keep thralls behind walls so other players dont grief, you are limiting the pve “loop” by a lot.

Even some of the game’s promotional trailers on Frozen North or latest updates show bases with thralls guarding walls or watchtowers, so it should be viable in PvE as well.

What do you people think about it? And devs or cm’s, any comment about this, please?

So what you mean is that people should not be able to attack your thralls because they disabled the thralls from attacking players? I agree Im about to make a post that is more clearer about this subject

Has already been adressed in the PC patchnotes discussion from 27.04.2018:

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Ok thank you, I must have miss interpreted that, but it was not said directly…